Back to Basics in Church Evangelism

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I just read a timely article about this in Net Results Magazine’s September/October 2007 Issue.

Bill Easum writes “Back to Basics,” calling on church leaders to get back to the great commission and the great commandment.

In returning to the Great Commandment, he exhorts congregations about the need to return to the basic ministry of loving one another, to become an “incubator of faith where non Christians and new Christians experience a warm, loving, and accepting group of people.”

  • Is your church friendly toward the visitor?
  • Is your church friendly towards the pastor?
  • Or is your church full of strife, division, and run by a control freak?

If your church is not an incubator of faith, perhaps its time to show the controllers and bullies to the door, says Easum.

In returning to the Great Commission, Easum reminds the church to return to the basic ministry of reaching out to the stranger.   He offers practical steps for pastors to help keep this in front of the congregation.

[Update: All these articles that elaborate his steps have been taken off line, so all links are removed).

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