Dot on a Watch

Evangelism Conversation Tool for WatchOver the weekend, we held a yard sale — selling off some our posessions (which is why it was a quiet posting week for me).

We even let people know our house is for sale, though not at a yard sale price.

We had a lot of people coming to our house, looking over stuff we no longer need or even want.

One man, a neighbor comes by to see all the fuss and when he learns we are moving for missions work offers me the following story (paraphrased, but you get the idea).

Twenty years ago, our pastor preached a sermon, with a little practical tidbit.

He said, “I want a way to remember all that Christ did for me. Something more than communion once a month, something more than a morning devotional time. I want something that will always remind me of the preciousness of grace, the enormous cost of my salvation.”

“I have an idea,” the preacher continued, “to put a tiny red dot on the face of my watch, so that every time I look at the time, I have a visual reminder of what Christ has done.”

While standing in the driveway this yard sale morning, the man telling the story goes on:

“I liked that idea. For the last twenty years, I’ve had a dot on my watch, and carry a few in my wallet.

However, I noticed that my friends and acquiantences that I have met over the years eventually get enough courage to ask: “Why do you have that dot on your watch?”

“I wear it because it reminds me of something personal,” the man in my driveway continued. “It reminds me of the love that God has for me, and the price of that love.”

That little red dot, though originally meant as a personal reminder, has become an effective tool for conversational evangelism.

It’s not meant as “bait,” or the “con” in conversion, but rather, it’s a devotional tool that accidentally invites conversation about Jesus.

Let me ask you this?
Do you have a devotional tool that seems to invite conversation about Jesus?

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