Evangelism Encounter: “I’d rather invite them to a manure shoveling party than to church.”

Praying manWho wouldn’t be

“more comfortable inviting a Starbuck’s Barista to a manure shoveling party than to church?”

So write this blogger in God Answered My Prayer Within Hours.

All of us have fears of sharing our faith, which he describes pretty well.

Conquer the Evangelism Fear

One key to breaking through that evangelism fear is prayer.

When we pray, we seem to notice more divine appointments or opportunities to share our faith, we notice better the people around us, and we see witnessing opportunities fall right into our lap.

Prayer softens us, and prepares us to see God’s activity.

Phillip and the Ethiopian Eunuch gives us a model of noticing who God is underlining for us.  The Spirit told Phillip: “Go, stand next to that chariot.”  Praying prepares us to notice who God brings in our path.

Let me ask you this?

Take a moment and pray for the people that you will encounter today.  Ask the Lord to make it clear when He points out where He is at work.

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  1. Lindsay says

    Had a wonderful evangelism encounter last pm that involved my pastor and I. One of our international students has had a lot of questions lately and noticed that most folks put her off to the point where she keeps them buried within.

    The initial question was how one hears God speak to them with many other questions to follow. I think she sensed a welcoming atmosphere and knows where she’ll find folk who are receptive. An added exciting piece is she will be at a conference geared to Chinese…all lectures, small group, etc. with be in her mother tongue.

  2. says

    We’ve been calling this concept the “activity of God”. Often we find that He is working and we don’t realize it. By looking at the book of John, we’ve found that Jesus saw the Father’s activity in several different ways…here are 2 off the top of my head.

    1) Invitation…Jesus went to where he was invited (ex. wedding in Cana). Often when we are invited to some event, this is God wanting us to bring Jesus to that place.
    2) People asking questions (Ex. Nicodemus).



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