New EvangeCube for Kids – Evangelism Script

There are a variety of scripts that one can use to help you explain the gospel in simple and clear terms.  That is one of the 3 core evangelism skills I focus on.

Each script has its critics and endorsers and it’s not our point here to argue or debate it.

Last month, I wrote an article about gospel scripts.   The main point is that you should know at least one script so that you can explain the gospel simply and clearly. That is your “Default setting.”


Evangecube for kids

Mission Network News reports that e3 Partners (formerly EvangeCube and Global Missions Fellowship) has modified their EvangeCube tool to work with children.

They have a tool useful for Sunday school programs, Children’s Church, After School Bible Clubs, Vacation Bible Schools.  It’s called the Kids EE Cube, which seems to be based on the Evangelism Explosion Script.

Evangecube for kids Video

Let me ask you this?

Have you used this on the mission field or in your church’s local outreach?  Please share in the comments below.

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  1. says

    A friend of mine taught Evangecube-use to toddlers in Awana Cubbies, repeating every week and emphasizing truths simply until every cubbie could repeat and understand it all. She is now a church planting coordinator to Kenya, Russia, So America, etc.

    We have used Evangecube since the year 2000 with church planting in Kenya where we as North Americans went over and partnered with national Kenyans from ‘mother’ churches seeking to go out and plant ‘daughter’ churches in the summer. Our missionaries here trained us, their missionaries there trained the nationals. We got together always to meet and form small teams on a Saturday in Kenya, worshipped with them and reviewed the game plan, went out and prayer walked the target neighborhood ahead of time. Monday through Friday we went out door to door by 2’s, or up to 5 in a team. We were introduced as friends from America, and gave our testimony and then shared evangicube with the Kenyans translating as necessary. We shared person to person along roads (they walk a lot). We invited new believers together for fellowship and began discipleship same day, meeting and continuing every afternoon, with praise and worship, learning (forming a group for the core of new church with mother church members doing more and more of the group, continuing evangelism outreach every morning, and celebrating the new group on Friday. (It combined a kind of friendship discipleship/fellowship with followup visits by the new pastor in a seamless effort that the mother church support and stayed with. I saw hundreds of new believers and 3 to 9 new churches formed yearly–the first new church has 3 daughter churches of their own!!!

  2. br. Laurent says

    Dear brothers and sisters,

    I’m in a mission in Russian Caucasus,

    We try to witness to our Saviour Jesus in broken families, for children in bad conditions and situations…
    We just have known abaout the program Kids’ EE

    I’d like to use Kids’ EE Cube in the village,
    how is it possible to get some for our poor children ?

    sincerely yours in Christ,
    br. Laurent


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