God — The Evangelist

We can’t cause, create, nor bring results in evangelism.

Evangelism is ultimately a spiritual activity, and the fruit (i.e., a disciple) of our work is truly God’s doing.

We can weep for the lost, or labor in prayer, but salvation is truly a gift from God.

We can share our faith, engage in spiritual conversation, listen to questions, be excited about Jesus, but the other person remains spiritually dead until the Lord causes an awakening in their soul.

No wonder evangelism can be like talking to a brick wall.

Dead is dead.

Incapable of response.

God as Evangelist: The First Seeker

When Adam and Eve were naked and ashamed, they hid from God.

Yet, God pursued them. God sought after them. God's Question - Where are you?

Adam, where are you?

The first question of Scripture.

If you look at Ezekiel 34:11ff, you’ll notice all the “I’ll” phrases.

God is the first seeker.

The lost parables of Jesus (lost sheep, lost coin, lost son) all speak of the Father’s heart to look for those who are lost.

God goes ahead of us – God is already at work

God is already witnessing to people.

Creation and beauty testify to his character (Romans 1, Psalm 19:1-4).

When many people see the vistas of a beautiful scenery, many feel spiritual — they realize God’s goodness and power.

God is already at work in the people that He is drawing unto Himself.

God includes us in the process of Evangelism

Isn’t this grace? We get to be included in this work of helping people find faith in Christ.

We get to pray — Evangelism is a mystery that happens in the Spirit. Pray for spiritual blinders to be removed.

God includes us in Divine Appointments, Kairos Moments. “as the Lord assigned to each” (1 Cor 3.5).

God is Responsible for the Results of Evangelism

God does the drawing (John 6.44)

God does the regenerating (Ephesians 2).

We simply remain faithful to sharing our faith and trusting God for the results.

Our God is the supreme Evangelist.

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