Six hints for welcoming visitors to your church

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Number6 This article gives an overview at welcoming visitors to church.  For more specifics, see the series on Welcome Church Visitors that has a few more articles specifically on how to welcome visitors.

1.  Understand the mind of a guest.

They want to be welcomed. They want to observe our church service and be provided an easy opening if they choose to come again. Most of all, they don’t want to be pressured.

2.  Welcome everyone.

Not only do newcomers need your warm welcome, regulars attenders also need a friendly greeting. Develop a good handshake. Be enthusiastic – about the day, the worship that is about to take place, about Christ.

3.  Anticipate the newcomers.

When people enter the door who you do not recognize, approach them by saying something like, “We’re glad to have you here today. I don’t recall meeting you before.” Avoid “Is this your first time?” You might embarrass yourself or offend a regular attender.

4.  Help newcomers connect.

While you are getting to know them, introduce guests to another regular attender who walks in and suggest they sit together, or feel free to invite first time visitors to sit with you.

5.  Say goodbye with warmth.

After the service, bid farewell to visitors, inviting them to return next week. Ask them if they have any questions. Introduce them to other members and to the pastor. After visitors are gone, feel free to visit with people.

6.  Avoid Church Business.

Avoid using pre or post service activities to conduct church business that could be done over the phone during the week. Focus on visitors.

Update: Want 10 more common practices for welcoming visitors?  See 10 Practices to Welcome Church Visitors Part 1 in the Welcome Church Visitors series.

Let me ask you this?

  • How do you meet and greet visitors?
  • What would you add to this list?

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How To Welcome Church Visitors

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  1. Lindsay says

    Great article, Chris. I think welcoming people is my gift. I’m always “on the lookout” for the folks I don’t know. Interesting note on this subject is some friends from VA visited my church and did not feel welcomed at all despite my efforts to introduce them to others.

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