What is Evangelism – Part 2

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Dictionary with Glasses for DefinitionFor Part II, I want to examine the opening phrase of my working definition of evangelism.

“Joyfully sharing”

Do you have a faith worth sharing?

Think about something that excites you – aren’t you are propelled to share it with others?

Good news cannot stay silent. As one of my teachers once said, “Good news travels faster.”

I am enthusiastic about Starbucks coffee, and people who know me first hand, know that I use it as a second office. I’m always happy to meet people at Starbucks and drink their product at home.

Get me talking about coffee, and I’m often talking about Starbucks. I even have a Starbucks apron I bought off Ebay to use while I cook dinners at home.

We share what we are excited about

When it comes to our faith, faith is not a product to be sold. I’m not selling Jesus, so don’t let your mind take my analogy there.

However, I’m excited about my faith. I’ve had ups and downs, smooth patches and rough sailing. But through it all, I’ve discovered more and more God’s faithfulness to never let me go.


  • pursued me,
  • found me,
  • awakened me,
  • is transforming me,
  • and renewing me.

That’s all His initiative and grace. The more I relish and delight in the grace of God, I find awakening in me a contagious joy and a deep thankfulness that propels me to share. I want other people to know about God’s sovereign love.

I have a faith worth sharing. It’s about God’s pursuit of me and my continued discovery of the depths of his love for me. Its not about me, but all about Him.

This is where the joyfully part comes in.

I’m eager to share what God has done for me in Christ. I’m not compelled out of guilt to share, but willing to share because its such good news.

I don’t evangelize because I have to, but because I want to. It overflows from the heart.

Let me ask you this?
Do you relish in God’s pursuit of you? What wells up from within you as you ponder this loving pursuit of God? When was the last time you joyfully talked about your faith?

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  1. Lindsay says

    I love both your blog and Don’s as both cause me to slow down and contemplate various facets of my walk with God.

    Joyfully sharing is a wonderful place to be as opposed to the guilt that so many churches lay on their members.

    Even with an ever deepening awareness of God’s love and pursuit of us, I see my major issue to be that I know so few folks that are not believers. Time to reengage in praying for neighbors and people I encounter in the marketplace. I doubt I’m alone in this…


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