10 Church Visitor Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for Church Visitors

The wow factor can play a role in helping a church visitor come back for a second visit.  That is one of the first steps to church visitor assimilation.

Sharing a small gift as a token of appreciation after a first visit can be a way to stand out and demonstrate extra care.

What are some gift ideas you can use?

In today’s guest post from Joe Schlosser, friend of this ministry and founder of Excellence Marketing Group, Joe shares some great fun ideas for church visitors gifts.

Some of which can fit inside a church visitor packet, and others of which you can simply give alongside the church welcome packet.

10 Freebie Giveaways For Church Visitors

by Joe Schlosser. EMGCoaching.com

OK, so you are experiencing an increase in visitors to your church.

You see a lot of new faces and your church greeters are telling you they are meeting a lot of people.

However, you’re not seeing an increase in actual visitor cards being filled out.  If those visitors never give you their information, you have no way of contacting them to engage them further.

That’s where a free visitor gifts along with a Visitor’s Welcome Packet can play a vital role in connecting further with your visitors.

By including useful items along with information about your church that reinforces your vision and mission, you can keep your message and branding in front of potential new members.

Apart from the informational brochures, event flyers, and other items, here are some suggestions of things to include with a Visitor’s Welcome Folder.

1. Custom Church Visitor Welcome Folders

Something classic to hold all the information you provide (the brochures, the policies, the flyers on programs, etc.).

Customize your visitor welcome folder with your church logo, contact information, and links to websites and social network profiles.

2. Digital Media Download Cards

phone_card This is really hot! It is the most advanced gift available with multiple uses and applications.

The visitor would receive the gift card at an event or service where they receive the visitor welcome folder.

To redeem the gift, the recipient goes online to your church branded website to redeem the phone minutes, music, ringtones, pizza, photo processing, movies, or other premium services. Pretty cool huh?

During the redemption process you can collect contact information from your visitor that can be used to re-engage them later through postal mail or email campaigns.

Once the visitor inputs their information they are taken to the download page and can immediately download their gift.  It really is quite simple and allows you to capture a lot of information that may otherwise just walk out the door.

3. Video or DVD of your organization

These simple tools can show off the different programs and services you offer, and can be very interactive.

EMG Design can arrange for videographers, or you can hire local ones, to come in and record your programs at the church, video tours of the church facility, or kids playing and learning.

EMG Design can custom design your CD or DVD cover as well as provide unique case designs and delivery options.

These have been quite useful in promoting various organizations and highlighting various programs.

The video can be used as a promo piece on your website as well.

4150_LAmericatheBeautiful4. Calendars

Customized calendars always keep your information right in front of your church visitors.

Several styles and sizes to choose from.

5. Refrigerator magnets

Need an inexpensive marketing option with “staying power”?

According to a study at Purdue University, the average American visits their refrigerator 22 times a day. So, your magnetic promotional product offers you around 8,030 impressions each year. That’s one of the lowest costs per impression of any item in our industry!

Magnets are very affordable and can be custom designed to be any shape. Be creative and humorous! Think outside the box on what you could include.

45193_L6. Coffee tumbler/travel mug

With the popularity of Starbucks and more and more churches allowing their people to come in with coffee, this is a great gift that will get used over and over again.

7. Journal books with pen

BLU-spectorA great gift that encourages journaling, sermon note taking and reflection.

Most books allow you to place a page of custom information in the front highlighting contact information, times of service, etc.

8. Seeded Bookmarks and Notecards

SeededBookmark Everyone loves bookmarks and cards!

This inexpensive product is made from recycled paper with wildflower seeds pressed into the paper so when the recipient gets home and is through using the item, they simply plant it and flowers come up. Truly a memorable gift that keeps giving.

9. Tote bags

Something stylish to hold the various gifts and books that may be given away to church visitors. Can be screen printed or embroidered.

10. Books

Choose a good book that represents your purpose or a current sermon topic and give it away.

With EMG‘s connections into the publishing industry, we can get great discounts on book titles that can be passed along to clients.

What now?

Joe would be happy to assist you in determining what would be the proper Visitors Welcome Packet for your organization.

To order any of these items listed, or to explore the other 750,000 possible options of imprinted items, simply contact us directly by phone at 404-784-1008.

Every situation and order is different.

We strive hard to provide you with the very best solution, at the very best price, with the very best service!

About Joe Schlosser

joe-staffFounder, Excellent Marketing Group and Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach

Joe has a passion to see other leaders be successful. As a certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach, he has over 28 years of experience in the area of coaching, graphic design and promotional marketing. He has worked as the Director of Marketing for a national, faith-based nonprofit organization and is gifted in strategic thinking and analysis, being highly creative.   He can be reached at 404-784-1008.

Product images via Joe.

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  1. Pastor Evan says

    This was a really great article. I am just in the process of forming an assimilation process to see visitors become members. It seems that the choices of how to have a great first impression are endless. I am very interested in finding out more on how to implement the digital media download cards, it seems like it would take some of the pressure off of trying to give a generic enough gift that a wide range of age groups and personalities would enjoy it. If you have any other info on this I would greatly appreciate the chance to see sites that use it and hear how to make it work.

    Thanks for the great resources and ideas.
    Pastor Evan

  2. NORVAL SCOTT says


  3. liane smith says

    My sins rose as high as a mountain they all disappeared in the fountain he wrote my name down for a palace and crown bless his dear name im free he wrote my name down for a palace and crown bless his dear name im free never to be ransomed any more he cast my record of sinfulness into the sea of forgetfulness

  4. says

    Hey I thought the digital cards were a neat idea. But how would a church get something like that started? I saw no link to a place that did anything like that. Would our church just have to own all those items like a pizza gift card and they come in and get it?

  5. Pastor Bratton says

    My name is Pastor Bratton,

    Can you send me more information about the digital cards? My email address is ……..

  6. says

  7. Pastor Robert Mead says

    I really appreciated your article it was very informative.
    Our church is in the process finding great gifts for our guests.
    Could you please email me some more information about the digital cards, journal books with pens, coffee tumblers, and refrigerator magnets.
    Pastor Bob

  8. says

    Hi there!
    I’m from a church in Milwaukee, WI called Ethnos. We also loved the idea of the digital media download cards! Could you send the information of where you purchased yours to my email address? That would be greatly appreciated

  9. says

    Could you please send me the information on the digital media cards? That sounds like a great idea, one I would love to implement at my church.

  10. says

    As to the digital cards, I will refer all your inquiries directly to Joe. He’s been telling me there is a minimum order of $500, which may be a budget buster for some groups.



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