Discussing the Bridge Illustration

During the time in Enfield for the Youth Night: Discover Your Faith – Enfield CT I had blast meeting with several teenagers and talking about faith.

Below are a few of the points:


You are God’s poem.

Ephesians 2:10 shares how we are God’s workmanship.

The Greek word for workmanship is the root of our word poem.

That says a lot into how God designed each one of us, for beauty, craft, wisdom, and strength, and certainly uniqueness.

The Bridge

PuenteDeReyesPanamaWhat got us really going I think was discussing our separation from God.  I asked the question:

What does that separation from God feel like or look like or how do you experience that separation?

The answers came from the teens themselves.

Things like “Emptiness, Darkness, abandonment” and so on.

I didn’t have to describe the fruit of our sinful condition.  There was common agreement of it’s description.

Then I asked the group what kinds of things did they do to fill that gap.  Answers came pouring forth: drugs, sex, pregnancy, alcohol, music, medication, suicide, cutting.

The group was then asked: “Do any of these work?  Do they fill the gap?”

Universally, the answer was no.

That’s the beauty of the Gospel: that while we were separated from God, we have now been reconciled by Christ.

When we choose to surrender our life to him and follow him, we can find that forgiveness, and begin to step into the fullness of what God has created us and designed us for.

We moved into a time of prayer, where space was given for people to make that decision.  To choose Jesus over all the other options to fill that gap in our relationship with God.

Other uses of the Bridge Illustration

For a more traditional use of the bridge, see

photo credits:

  • Ephesians 2:10 word art: unknown
  • Puente Del Rey: photo credit: Ayaita via cc
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