What does an evangelism committee do?

Sometimes the question is asked of me

  • “how to start an evangelism committee?” or
  • “what does an evangelism committee do?” or
  • “where does a evangelism committee start?”
  • “What are the functions of an evangelism committee?”

There can be evangelism committees at a judicatory level (such as the Presbytery) or at the local church level.

Evangelism Committees: Judicatory Level

I have served on the evangelism committee for several years, and have been the moderator of it.

We saw our role as helping the local church with their evangelism efforts.

Our evangelism committee would

  • sponsor Evangelism Training conferences and workshops about evangelism,
  • talk with churches that are doing successful outreach,
  • help serve as a network of information about what is working and where.
  • Connected presenters with various Evangelism Training workshops on evangelism methods.
  • Organized conferences about evangelism and all the various breakouts.

Evangelism Committees: Local Church Level

In my work, I have met with several church evangelism committees as a consultant to help them think through what they might want to do.

I’ve seen evangelism committees who’s purposes were

  • new visitor follow up.
  • doing the servant ministries like food pantry or homeless shelters.
  • training on the welcoming of visitors.
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I have not personally encountered an evangelism committee at the local church that actually does evangelism through sharing their faith as part of their purpose.  I’m sure they exist, I’ve just not run into it.

Is the evangelism committee simply a hospitality committee?

Surely hospitality is a vital function of church life (thus all the articles here on welcoming visitors).  Yet, it’s not evangelism.

So what can a local church evangelism committee do?

I suggest the following functions of an evangelism committee.  Perhaps you have ones to add:

  1. Get familiar with books on evangelism.
  2. Find an evangelism program that fits with your Church’s DNA and implement it (Just Walk Across the Room Video Curriculum, Alpha).
  3. Gather testimonies of recent stories and share them in the newsletter
  4. Be the champion for evangelism themes in sermons and small groups.
  5. Pray for the evangelistic work of your congregation (do you actually pray in your committee, more than open a meeting with prayer?)
  6. Help shape outreach events, and remind the congregation that such events are meant for bring a friend type stuff.
  7. Get creative — think how your church can have a local impact.
  8. Organize a local Evangelism Training Seminar for your church or area.  We can do those for you.  See our various options at our Evangelism Training page.

There are lots of ways a church evangelism committee can do more than just sit around and drink coffee and remember how it used to be in the old days.

Let me ask you this?

Does your church have an evangelism committee?

What does it do?

I invite you to share your comments here.

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