Evangelistic Conversation Starter Questions

Evangelistic QuestionsMany of us who do personal evangelism have found useful questions or statements to help continue or start a conversation that potentially leads to a conversation about the gospel.

For example, sometimes I have asked long distance truckers:

“What to you do to take care of your soul in all that travel?”

The quality and level of their response can encourage further conversation or quickly reveal that there is no interest in talking along those lines.

We all need to have a group of questions that we use to facilitate a discussion about faith.

While I believe it’s appropriate and a good practice to know a gospel presentation by heart, I think that asking good questions unlocks further avenues of conversations that leads to life change.

  • There is a time for questions.
  • There is a time for giving answers and the reason for the hope within us.
  • There is a time for questions to ask when evangelizing.

When questions are raised in the right time, the search for answers can move a person forward in their journey to faith in giant leaps.

Questions help people come up with their own solutions for their own unique circumstances.  If you learn to use questions, you can help people discover their spiritual thirst and grow towards Christ.

Let me ask you this?

What conversation starters have you used to help gauge a person’s interest in further spiritual conversation?

Feel free to share.

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  1. David Self says


    I like to ask, “What is the only man-made thing in heaven?” When they don’t know I put a $5 bill in the table and ask again. Only this time I tell them to call their pastor or ask any one in the room. When they dont answer I tell them they can ask anyone in the room. I have watched waitresses go from table to table and entire restaurants get involveed in religioius discussions.

    if you have a similar diagnostic question let me know.


  2. says

    I’ve seen that one used before.

    However, I’ve also seen that it’s a question that fails to get answered. . . I’ve seen people gripe about the asker not answering it. . .

    I like to listen for a person’s spiritual thirst and then ask a question that is fueled by curiosity.

    For example, I was recently asked about my church.

    I’m curious: “Why did he ask me that? Of all things to ask, why is that on his mind?”

    After giving a reasonable answer, I’ll ask him if he’s looking for a church?

    That opens the doors to further conversation about why he’s looking for a church, and what difference church makes to finding faith in Christ.

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