Evangelism in the course of my day

Evangelism can happen in the ordinary course of life.

I simply make sure that I build room in my life for conversations to linger if a person wants to talk about their curiosity about their walk with the Lord.

Yesterday I had a conversation that simply continued into a 2 hour discussion on how to have a relationship with God.

It was an unplanned conversational moment.

Most all of mine are.

Evangelism Conversations

Relational Context:

I’m translating some of my evangelism course material into Spanish, so I have a tutor who is helping me.

My tutor knows that I am a Pastor, evangelism trainer, and has helped me with translations for about 2 months.

The conversation I had was natural, not forced, nor “steered” to try and create one, but it happened naturally in the course of my ordinary life.

We were reviewing my translation of a slide about God’s unfathomable love (try translating that word). 

The love of God is so deep that Paul prays that we might be able to grasp how wide, deep, long, is the love of God for us in Christ (Ephesians 2).

Poets, song writers, and artists have sought to explore the riches of God’s love.  I used a Spanish song quote that simply moves me to tears sometimes.

What would I be if you had not reached me?

Where would I be if you had not forgiven me? . . . .

If it wasn’t for your grace and for your love. . . . .

My tutor asks: “Why does that song move you so?”

That question opened up a 2 hour conversation about

  • relating to God,
  • having our sin forgiven,
  • having his presence in our life,
  • and all sorts of stuff.

I use the bridge illustration as my script (even if there are some shortcomings in it).

She’s not yet ready to receive Christ because of some fear, but she’s getting closer.

Let me ask you this?

What was the last evangelistic conversation that you had?  Are you actively sharing your faith when natural opportunities occur?

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