How to Get Church Visitor Contact Information

Getting Church Visitor Cards Filled out


Based on a survey that I’ve done on church greeters and church hospitality issues, one of the biggest issues asked of me is

  • how to get your first time church visitors to fill out a connection card.
  • What is the best way to get church visitor contact information?
  • What is the best way for churches to gather information on visitors?
  • How to use a church visitor contact card

All church visitor assimilation or first time church visitor follow-up processes begin with this information.

Yet so many of you are having difficulty getting the information from your first time visitors to your church.

An Expert Interview

Listen in as I interview Yvon Prehn of about how to get church visitor information cards filled out.

Based on some survey results I’ve done, it seems that getting church visitor contact information is an important question.

Yvon spends time answering questions on

  • how to format visitor contact cards,
  • how to get church visitor cards filled out, and
  • what to do with church visitors contact information afterwords.

Church Visitor Contact Information Podcast

Listen to the whole interview on how to get church visitor contact information here (Feed Readers or Email readers will have to click through to the website).

Yvon’s book “Connection cards” is available for instant download after purchase at

Yvon’s book is now available in paperpack:  Connection Cards (amazon Link)

You should get it. (I recommend products that I have used).

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    Just wanted to say thanks so much for the incredible info on your site! Just listened to the podcast for Church guest contact info- So informative- I even started typing notes as I listened!

    Saving your website to use for future help with our church! We have a great church in south Sulphur, LA- My husband and I were elected as associate pastor last year and we are working hard to grow and build the church and our community. Looking forward to using the tools and info I received on your website! Thanks so much!

    Be blessed!

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    Thanks for dropping by. The best place to get started is with one of the current tutorials (under the Learn More Section) in the side bar.

    The next best way to stay up to date is to get the friday update (see any article comment box, or the bar across the top.

    Finally, get the newsletter at to hear from me by email every now and then.

    With over 950 articles on the site, people tell me they don’t know where to start. Those are the three best places.


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