Mothers Day 2009 Outreach Ideas

MothersDayOutreach Mother’s Day 2009 may be a time to conduct special weekend event outreaches.

I know several pastors that will give a sermon related to motherhood.

But it’s also an opportunity for churches to engage their neighborhood.

Some links have since broken.

Mother’s Day Outreach Ideas

Here are some Mother’s Day Outreach ideas from around the web (Ed Note: Links are slowly breaking, but the ideas are good)

  • Mothers Day oil-change Outreach – free oil changes for moms in a neighborhood daycare.
  • $1000 Room Mother’s Day Makeover lottery – raffle for a room makeover for two single mothers
  • Mother’s Day Baby Supply Drive —  Gathering baby related supplies for a local women’s home and families in need.
  • Mother’s Day Outreach for Refugees – Home visit with gift baskets to new immigrants / refugees in the neighborhood.
  • Passing out Mother’s Day cards at local nursing home by youth group.
  • Mother’s Day Brunches, banquets, and other celebrations around a meal.
  • Mother’s Day Baby shower at the hospital for new infants born that day.

Church Marketing during Mother’s Day


1. Attract those seeking to attend churches these days to come to your church

  • Utilize print pieces – billboards, mail drops, and door hangers can all inform your community of your presence
  • Involve members – give members invite cards and access to e-invite so they can invite family, friends, and coworkers
  • Update your website – include an announcement right on the homepage that lets visitors to the site know what you are doing

2. Turn these occasional visitors into active members

  • Prepare your leaders for the new comers – have people ready to greet new visitors, help them find a seat, answer questions, and show them love through caring for their needs
  • Prepare your church facilities – make sure you have lots of designated parking for visitors, plenty of seats in the church and extra clean and tidy restrooms
  • Prepare your children’s ministry – get extra volunteers to help with child care and Sunday school so that the parents can enjoy the service

As you do these things, you will attract this group of people into your church and help them feel welcomed so that they will return. . . .

As you move through this time, we encourage you to be aware of the potential and opportunity for changing lives. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing more thoughts and ideas on preparing for. . .  .Mother’s Day. Please join us and let us know how things are going and what you see God do through you this . . . Mother’s Day season.

Let me ask you this?

Share with us some of your mother’s day outreach plans.  Use the comment form below.

Prepare your church for Mother’s Day

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  1. Octavia Caldwell says

    We have a special speaker for Mother’s Day service preceeded by A Mother’s Day Breakfast in our multi-putpose room. Provided printed and online invitations to members to invite unchurched mothers and their children to church on Mother’s Day.

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