Top 30 Posts on Church Hospitality

WelcomeMatNo particular order, but here is top 30 posts on church visitor hospitality based on traffic results.

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  1. Church Visitors and Christian Hospitality
  2. Christian Hospitality Verses
  3. You were a Church Visitor
  4. Welcome Church Visitors
  5. 10 Practices to Welcome Church Visitors Part 1
  6. 10 Practices to Welcome Church Visitors Part 2
  7. How to Make Announcements visitor Friendly
  8. 20 Blunders in Welcoming Church visitors
  9. 10 Tips for Church Greeters
  10. How to Get Church Visitor Contact Information
  11. Church Hospitality Books
  12. 10 Most Important Minutes to Church Visitors
  13. My Checklist for Visiting a Church for the First Time
  14. What to say to A Church Visitor
  15. Church Greeter at the Taxi Stop
  16. 10 Church Visitor Gift Ideas
  17. How to Make Church Visitor Welcome Packets
  18. First Time Church Visitor Experience
  19. First Time Church Visitor Story
  20. Should we single out First Time Visitors?
  21. How to Make Announcements visitor Friendly
  22. Assimilating Church Visitors: Beyond the First Visit
  23. Hospitality Assessment — Get a friend to visit.
  24. Conversion to the Church: Helping Visitors Connect
  25. Back to Basics in Church Evangelism
  26. Six hints for welcoming visitors to your church.
  27. How to Greet a Spanish Speaking Visitor
  28. 2 Ways to Reject Church Visitors
  29. No one said Hello
  30. Church Hospitality Survey Assessment

A lot of this has been compiled and expanded into one download book (with much more information at in the Evangelism Coach Store)

How To Welcome Church Visitors

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