Church Greeters can offer to pray with your guests

In this video, I shared an experience that I had with a church greeter / usher during a worship time at a conference.

The experience with this person impacted me deeply, even though it occurred in 1997.

(Feed Readers: you may need to click through to see the video).

Church Greeters and Ushers should notice people

Church Greeters don’t necessarily go off duty once the service begins.

The key point here is that some church greeters or ushers may be alert for situations like the one described in the video.

Even if your greeters and ushers are not comfortable offering to pray with people, they should be able to find someone on your church’s prayer ministry team to accomplish the same action.

Let me ask you this?

Do you think this is a good skill for greeters, or do you accomplish this same practice through other ways?

Do you think greeters and ushers should play this kind of role?

I invite your comments.

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  1. says

    If I noticed someone who looks as if they are in need a prayer, I would approach them and ask if they would like for me to get one of our ministers to pray with them.

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