8 Evangelism Sermon Topics

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I’ve interacted with many of you who have declared that this year will be the “Year of Evangelism” within your church.

One aspect of developing that vision is giving sermons on Evangelism, or developing a sermon series.

Abraham Lincoln is reported to have said

“It wasn’t a great sermon because the preacher didn’t ask me to do anything great.”

In your preaching on evangelism — call people to do great things.

Possible Evangelism Sermon Series

  1. Why Bother?  More than obedience, but out of the overflow of our relationship with Jesus.
  2. What Motivates God to reach bring people into his Kingdom?  What’s God’s plan?
  3. How the Holy Spirit helps us conquer fear in personal evangelism
  4. Personal Evangelism and Church Evangelism
  5. Learning Evangelism from Jesus
  6. How the Church supports the work of evangelism
  7. The pre-work of the Holy Spirit in Evangelism — How the Father draws us to the Son.
  8. Basic Evangelism skills: questions, testimony, how God works in your life.

If you were to touch on each of these themes just briefly, all of them would take at least 2 months of Sundays, and likewise, there are plenty more.

Each one could be a 3-4 part sermon series on evangelism.

Possible Actions

One suggestion is to print out this list and use it to brainstorm your own sermon series on evangelism.

Another idea is to simply do a mind map to brainstorming evangelism topics:

I once did a mind map of evangelism and discovered that I could do evangelism sermon series for more than one year of Sundays.

Let me ask you this?

What is in your sermon series on evangelism?

Feel free to share in the comments below.

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