The Nudge of the Holy Spirit

Have you ever felt that Spirit-led nudge that pulls you to talk or pray with a stranger about their spiritual life?

This kind of nudge is more than an intuition.  It’s the voice of God inviting you to join Him in His redemptive work.

It’s God speaking to you through the Holy Spirit.

I think it starts off as a feeling of

“there is something to do, but I’m afraid of taking that step.”

“I’m not sure this is of the Lord, so I’ll just go on with my life.”

This kind of nudge grows heavier.  It is a sense of intense spiritual heaviness that God is underlining this person for you.

The longer you reflect on it, that feeling moves to

“I think I have to do something and I better do it now.”

The Spirit of God is inviting you to participate in the work of drawing a person to Jesus.

You might call it a prompting, a leading, a nudge, but it clearly seems to be “not you.”

Examples of that Nudge:

My friend Jimmy felt this kind of nudge when he noticed a man standing outside the door of a drugstore.  He simply had to engage the man in a conversation.  It led to a conversation that helped that man move forward in his journey to faith.

Pastor Richard White felt this kind of nudge to talk with a man who’s car had broken down on the side of the road. (See this video Can Pastors Find Time for Evangelism?)

Remember Phillip in Acts 8:26ff, when he was wandering on the desert road, felt that Spirit given nudge to approach a stranger on the roadway (the Ethiopian Eunuch? – Read Phillip and the Ethiopian Eunuch).

I felt that nudge to go to the swimming pool and there I found my neighbor.  He started a conversation with me about his spiritual life.

Describing the experience

Have you felt that nudge?

How would you describe that?

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  1. says

    Does the Holy Spirit nudge? It seems to me Acts shows us how the Spirit moves and blows us over.

    We can shrug off a nudge.

    Stay blessed…john

  2. says

    Those are great descriptors as well.

    I hope to find several ways to describe that experience.

    How do we experience that moving of the Spirit? How can we describe that experience to others? This is what I’m striving for.


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