10 Roles an Evangelism Committee Can Have in The Church

Why does your evangelism committee exist at your church?

Is it just another meeting?

Does it really fulfill the role of helping the church do the work of evangelism?

Recently I’ve been asked to comment on the role of an evangelism committee or evangelism ministry in the local church.  What are the functions of a church evangelism committee?

I want to give you ten roles that an evangelism committee can play in a healthy congregation.


10 Roles of a Church Evangelism Committee.  A committee should be doers and leaders

The committee should be both doers of personal evangelism as well as leaders of congregational evangelism.

Some churches will overlap these roles with their hospitality committee, outreach committee, marketing team, or new member committees, so these role silos are not precise but general guidelines.

What is the job of an evangelism committee at church?

Items #6,7, and 8 may be separated to the church hospitality committee.

1. Do the work of evangelism

Each evangelism committee member should be doing the work of personal evangelism.

  • Praying for the lost.
  • Building authentic relationship with lost people.
  • Actively sharing faith with those who don’t know Christ.

You can lead where you haven’t been yourself, so make sure you are on the leading curve of personal evangelism in your church.

2.  Provide Ongoing Evangelism Training

Many church members are afraid of evangelism and find themselves wanting to invite people to church and let the professional do it.

One way around this is to provide regular personal evangelism training in different areas such as:

You might want to run short courses via small groups, sermon series, or even virtual classes with an outsider like me.

3.  Run a course or group that investigates Christianity

Evangelism Committee Meeting Table

There are many great resources in the market place to help you run a seeker oriented group.

You might run courses that allow people to investigate Christianity and allow a safe place for people to ask their questions.

The Alpha course is one example of such a study, or you can do a topical study aimed at life skills which helps a person see the relevancy of the Christian life.

4.  Lead and organize outreach programs

If you are familiar with servant evangelism activities such as

  • handing out water to joggers on warm days,
  • handing out cookies or ice cream at a grocery store,
  • handing out candy at parks,
  • providing batteries to local residents for changing their smoke detectors, etc

your team would need to lead and organize such events.

You might also lead some invitational programs like

  • Bring a Friend Day
  • Concerts
  • Block Parties
  • Appreciation Banquets for community servants (teachers, police, fire and rescue)
  • Preaching Evangelists

As you prepare for these events, remind people to look for conversational opportunities to talk about their faith.

5. Carry the banner for reaching the lost

As other ministries of the church plan their events and activities, members of the evangelism committee always raise the banner of reaching those who don’t know Christ.

They ask questions like:

  • How does this help people know Jesus?
  • How does this help us share our faith?
  • What steps can your group take to reach lost people?
  • Can we make this event more public and increase invitations?
  • Would we feel safe inviting our friends to this retreat or small group?
  • Are we meeting too much and not out in the community?

6.  Oversee the hospitality ministries for first time guests

Some churches recognize the role that church hospitality plays in the faith journey of their guests.   The church can play a role in

  • creating community
  • allowing space for faith discover
  • ministering to a person during journey to Christ.

Churches cannot increase their influence towards salvation if a person doesn’t come back a second time.  Hospitality practices aid in getting multiple visits.

Focus on developing greeters and a great guest experience.

Make sure your volunteers can access training to improve their hospitality skills as well as conversational skills.

7. Welcome center and guest gifts

If your church has a welcome center, this committee will make sure it’s staffed and that visitor appreciation gifts are given out.

Make sure gifts are appropriate for the season and/or the sermon series.

8.  Develop your system of next steps

Evangelism committees are interested in helping a newcomer connect with the church.

After their first visit, what is the next step to building relationships?

Many churches will plan

  • post church service reception
  • contact steps after the first visit
  • a ‘meet the pastor’ social
  • new membership classes
  • other discipleship connections

One potential role of the evangelism committee is to organize and manage this process.

9.  Develop community outreach events

Evangelism committees should always be thinking about how the church can reach its community.

Churches are not a fortress, but are the people of God on the mission of God.

Evangelism committees brainstorm ways the church can bless its community and ask the question “How can we be the best church for the neighborhood?”

You might do that through organized prayer walks, prayer stations, and prayer booths.

You might do the community exegesis of visiting with local officials to learn about the community.

You might do the visitation of local non-profits that are serving in various needs to learn more about what the church might be able to do.

Evangelism committees would lead the research and project development and empower volunteers to rise up and serve.


10.  Marketing.

Your community needs to know your church exists.  Focus on areas like

  • New Movers marketing
  • Website
  • Facebook Page for your Church
  • Pastor’s Blog

Effective low cost marketing will assist your normal word of mouth efforts to increase the number of first time visitors to your church.

Want ongoing ideas delivered?

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  1. says

    Great article to use as a measurement in the work our team is doing.
    Can you tell me more about a “virtual class”? We have an educational opportunity coming in October for which I am trying to set up “work shops”. The idea of using skype had crossed my mind and then I see this mentioned in your article!
    Thanks, Esther

  2. says

    A virtual class is where I visit like Geroge Jetson. . .. . over a computer monitor, hooked up to a projection system.

    There are different and better ways that skype to make that work, but I’ve done it with churches in VA, MD, DC, and Puerto Rico.

    There is a fee involved to help me pay for the technology, but I’d love to do such a thing

  3. Sylvestine P Branch says

    I am a new evangelism minister -just getting started and I would like to get as much help as possible to get this project going-

    Thank you

  4. evansindatula says

    Iam a new evangelist in the making i have passion for wining souls for christ but does not know where to begin so pliz help

  5. OLAOKE Joshua Muyiwa says

    We need more evangelist In more practical way, especially in our Churches. We need Pastors who better understanding in All our Ministry and Denominations

  6. Francis-Malachi says

    I found this and it was very enriching. I am an Evangelist by the Will of God. I head the evangelism ministry of our church and direct world missions programs as well. I will need to get more about this so the Kingdom can grow. Thank you. Jesus is Lord.

  7. says

    Thanks for stopping by. . . There are plenty of articles on this website aimed at helping a believer become a better personal evangelist.

    I teach a hybrid method of relational and contact evangelism, meaning my evangelism style could work with both of those styles.

    If you want to start learning about evangelism from me, start with this particular link.


    There are over 50 articles gathered there to learn about personal evangelism as I teach it. Enjoy.

  8. Robert A. Miller III says

    Hello my brother, I am a minister of evangelism, in the process of being ordained as the Pastor of Evangelism and Outreach and I would love to keep in touch with you, regarding ideas that you can share with me to further the gospel and represent Christ as the Kingdom of God. My email is robertamiller39@gmail.com.

  9. Pst Calistus says

    since evangelism is the heart of God for the lost, substantiate your research findings with scriptures lest it be reduced to human opinion for the work of God.

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