Creative Youth Group Game Ideas for Christmas

Since Christmas is coming soon, our church is in the swing of planning our Christmas outreaches.  Your church might be in the planning stages as well

  • Small Groups or Life Groups having Christmas parties for their fellowship
  • Members having Christmas parties for their neighbors as their outreach
  • Youth Groups having Christmas social outings or Christmas Game nights.

I remember during my 15 years of youth ministry always looking for that resource book that would help me with the Youth Group Christmas Party: Junior High Christmas Parties, the High School Christmas Parties, and even some of the college age Christmas parties.  

I remember wondering what would I do this Christmas?  What could I do?

As the youth leader each Christmas, I felt like I was having to start from scratch to find new ways to

  • help foster relationships at required Christmas parties that people expected to have (because we’ve been doing it 15 years)
  • find object lessons to help connect unchurched kids to the meaning of Christmas
  • spend hours bouncing from website to website trying to find Christmas party ideas that were useful.

The Christmas Book from Creative Youth Ideas

This year, I found something different for my Christmas Parties.

I bought Ken Sapp’s (of Creative Youth Ideas) online and downloadable e-book for Christmas Party Ideas.

I wanted an ebook format to help me scan through the 200+ ideas for Christmas meetings that are found on his website.

You can buy your own copy of the Creative Youth Ideas Christmas Collection online right here.

As of this writing, it’s priced just under $25 USD.

Click here to download the FULL table of contents!

I really like the Ebook format for this type of resource:

  • Searchable (do that with a real book).
  • No space on my crowded book shelf.
  • Imagine a 337 page brick taking up space to use it 1 month a year.
  • No shipping costs – download instantly.  Try that with Amazon.
  • I can print the game I want, not bend the spine of a physical book to make a copy for my leaders.

What’s inside the Creative Youth Group Ideas For Christmas:

This 370+ page ebook would be a perfect help for someone looking for fresh and creative ideas for Christmas parties for their youth group outreaches.

It’s got

  • Icebreakers
  • Games
  • Object Lessons
  • Devotions
  • Illustrations
  • Humor
  • and Worksheets

These games have suggested locations and , energy levels (laid back, sits down, or high energy, as examples).

He provides a list of resources that you will need and clear directions for the leader what to do.

Several have variations on the theme game.

Many have some potential talking points to break the ice, dig deep, and open ways to talk about the meaning of Christmas.

Possible users of Creative Youth Group Ideas for Christmas

Flipping through several of these pages, I am sure that we will be using some of them later this year.

While the book is clearly aimed at the youth market, several of these games would be good ice breakers and discussion starters for adults.

For example, perhaps your small groups are planning a Christmas party where you are inviting guests.

Several of these would be low key enough to use among adults as icebreakers to help develop relationships and get the ball going on helping people think about where they want to grow spiritually.

Perhaps you are hosting a Christmas party for your neighbors.  Several of these games would fit the bill and provide with a way to help bring forth a Christmas conversation that shares Christ.

Game Example:

As an example, there is one simple game that varies off of musical chairs.

You move forward if the criteria applies to you, you move back if it doesn’t.

As a talking point, you can talk about moving forward or moving backward in life.  Then you can ask this an application:

Take a few moments to plan where you want to be spiritually at the end of next year.

  • In relationships?
  • In your education?
  • In your career?
  • In some personal goals?
  • In your relationship to God?

This can help you learn more about the people you are reaching out to.

Order your copy of Creative Youth Group Ideas for Christmas

You can buy your own copy of the Creative Youth Ideas Christmas Collection online right here.

The sales page is pretty explanatory, and the book was last updated in 2007.

Use my link and the author will pitch me back a thank you.

I own my own copy and think you’ll benefit from it.


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