Developing an Evangelism Strategy

I’ve been noodling more about “developing an evangelism strategy in the local church.”  It seems to me there are three main spokes to this wheel.

I’d like to know what you would add.

The actual ministry expressions or measurable results of these things will vary, but these three seem to be the core of developing an evangelism strategy.

1.  Equipping people to share their faith 1-1 in the course of their life.

  • Intentional training and follow up practical experience.
  • Pastor growing in personal evangelism skills
  • Pastor leading staff and other leaders in their growth in personal evangelism.
  • Prayer for the community and the lost
  • Building authentic relationships with non-Christians.

2. The worship experience to support the work of evangelism

  • Hospitality ministries towards visitors
  • Assimilation to help people connect , convert, and deploy in community service
  • Preaching themes connected to life and community needs
  • Regular gospel sharing during sermons.
  • Comeback events.
  • Church website to support personal invitations

3. People engaging/serving the community

  • Finding the heart for the community
  • Launching ministries to engage the community.
  • Helping people see the faith sharing opportunities during their service.

Actual measurable outcomes will be different.

Ministry expressions will be different.

But these seem to be the general areas of focus.

What would you add?

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  1. oyekan says

    please sir / ma, i need your help, am in final year in theology school,writing my project,while this topic is given to STRATEGY FOR EVANGELISM IN A COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT. Please i need assistance, i will be happy if you can help me out.Thanks

  2. says

    I like emphasizing these three areas very much. Most churches that I am aware of do one or two really well. It seems quite difficult to hit all three at once, but I think you are right—all three are essential. Thanks for writing this!

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