Break the Barriers Hospitality Training on DVD

You’ve worked so hard to attract church visitors. . . . .

You passionately desire to reach these newcomers for Christ.

You know that Jesus can make a difference in their life.

Perhaps you’ve spent money on advertising like a direct mail campaign or business cards members give away. You’ve designed sermon series to hopefully entice a second visit.

You’ve done a lot of hard work to get visitors to come to your church, but they fail to return.

It’s frustrating to work so hard and then feel like it’s all in vain. It leaves you wondering –

Will our church ever reach new people for Christ?

Visitors are coming . . . . but not coming back

You’ve spent the money on advertising.

You’ve designed the perfect sermon series.

You’ve even motivated the congregation to invite their friends to church!

You celebrate the fruit – they have come, but then the following Sunday, you discover they don’t come back.

I’ve seen statistics that indicate that most churches only keep 1-2 out of every 100 first time church visitors. That’s dismal.

Just to stay stable, you need to keep 3 out of every 100.

In order to grow, you need to keep 5-7 or more out every 100 visitors.

Do you accidentally keep your church visitors from returning?

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  1. Elizabeth says

    It has been and is becoming my vision to be a prayer warrior at the local flea market. The desire is strong, and I have plans of selling handmade things to capture the attention for those looky lou”s and people who are in need of hope and salvation, and what ever, through business, prayers or conversations. I found your sight on the internet. I have very little income and I am awaiting social security , but I sure can pray for others. I have been a prayer warrior for about 3 to 4 years now on my own. I have seen answers and miracles. I dream about this expansion, I think about it all the time blessing others through faith filled prayers. It is so unfortunate that the churches in this area are closing doors, shutting down. Groups like the Aglows are closing doors more then once. I want to be a big part of the kingdom that is coming to earth as it is in heaven. Please pray over this request and send me any good information that will help me build this vision. Sincerely ElizaBeth

  2. says


    Growing in prayer is an awesome calling.

    Clearly some are called to be intercessors.

    One area i like to call people to pray is for their church impact in first impressions ministry. Pray for your visitors. Pray they would experience the love of Christ in the friendly actions of the members. Pray that members would show love to visitors. Pray that new friendships would be formed.

    As to resources, I can only point you to the various “start here” articles in the sidebar. . .

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