Break the Unseen Barriers Helped Our Church

I received this testimonial from a pastor who attended the workshop where I recorded “Break the Unseen Barriers.”  I enjoyed getting to know Joe during this brief event.

As a pastor in my very first month at a new church, I was almost too busy to attend.  I wasn’t even sure what we were doing in the area of hospitality.

Your material was straight forward and user friendly.  It not only gave me resources and ideas to carry back to the Session, but also gave me the “eyes” I needed to view and evaluate the systems of the church in areas of hospitality.

Everyone in attendance should have been able to make an immediate difference within their churches.  There was sufficient Biblical and theological grounding but not so much that the heart of the subject got lost.  Very good balance!

This event enabled me and the elder of the church who attended with me to return to our church and begin equipping our other members.  It was easy to bring others on board with us as we began to implement lessons learned during the workshop.

I would highly recommend this DVD set because it has the potential to make an immediate and important impact on any church’s ministry.

The content will give you new tools and resources and the discussions it provokes will simply open your eyes to what you are currently doing.  This is an easy to follow study and will benefit many churches.

Rev. Joe Washburn, Dmin
Culdee Presbyterian Church

Break the Unseen Barriers is a 3 DVD set aimed to help church hospitality committees identify ways to improve their overall welcome experience.  Read more about Break the Unseen Barriers here.

If you want 4 free videos on hospitality training (about 15 minutes each), sign up for them here at

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