Does your Greeter Ministry Create Barriers

Church Hospitality DVD TrainingA big hospitality barrier for many churches is a malfunctioning greeter ministry.  Greeters don’t show up on time, do a half-baked job, rarely make eye contact, and seem don’t they don’t really care.

I saw this on my twitter feed not too long ago:

 Church Greeters who scowl when they are told good morning really need to evaluate their spiritual gifts.

Perhaps you have experienced poor greeting when you’ve visited other churches.

Perhaps you realize that your own greeters lack the vision for ministry.

Perhaps you realize that your greeters make unintentional mistakes that leave a negative impression, rather than the awesome first impression your church desires to make.

Greeters are an important aspect of the overall guest experience of your church.  Helping greeters take their welcome up a notch can remove some of those barriers.

I’ve put together a free video for you at where I propose 3 quick fixes for your greeter ministry.


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