Identify Your Church Hospitality Blind Spots

Sometimes, we simply grow blind to the obvious.

Junk gathers in rooms.

Church Bulletins from prior weeks are left laying around.

Lost and found items keep gathering in a corner.

Bulletin boards get out of date.

Toilet handles need jiggling.

Window sills accumulate dust.

In churches, we simply get used to the way things are.

But to a church visitor, the accumulation of these problems may indicate a lack of care, concern, or even motivation.

I’ve put a DVD set together for church hospitality committees that want to address some of these problems within their church hospitality program.

Read what one person wrote about Break the Unseen Barriers

It’s hard to see things as problems once you’ve gotten used to them.  Chris helps you look at things from a newcomer’s perspective.

In this teaching, Chris doesn’t necessarily tell you what to do, but he teaches you what to look for so that you can decide what to do about it.  We have a team to work on hospitality, and more of the church has bought into working to make things more welcoming for visitors.

As a result of attending this seminar, we have resolved that no visitor shall sit alone and implemented a fellowship time after church and making that more obvious by moving coffee from the kitchen to the rear of the sanctuary.

I’d recommend this course because it helps you to reevaluate things to which we’ve become so accustomed we don’t notice anymore or at least don’t bother us the way they might a new person.  We all want to be churches that are welcoming places.  This course will help you to become more welcoming.

Rev. LaVera Parato
Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church
Beaufort, NC

Order your copy of Break the Barriers DVD

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