Testimonial: Effective Church Hospitality Training

You’ve worked hard to attract visitors to your church.  You passionately desire to reach these newcomers for Christ. You know that Jesus can make a difference in their life.

Perhaps you’ve spent money on advertising like a direct mail campaign or business cards members give away. You’ve designed sermon series to hopefully entice a second visit.

You’ve done a lot of hard work to get visitors to come to your church, but they fail to return.

It’s frustrating to work so hard and then feel like it’s all in vain.

It leaves you wondering –

Will our church ever reach new people for Christ?

Another attendee of the Break the Unseen Barriers hospitality conference where the DVD was recorded had these kind words to say about the church hospitality training aimed to help them analyze their hospitality ministries.

I found Chris’ approach extremely helpful as he spoke using a language accessible to clergy and laypersons.  He has organized and developed his information which makes it much easier for me to teach elders, deacons, and volunteers to practice hospitality.

Chris provides more than sound bites, he provides a methodology for churches to begin using, so they would then be able to adapt to their own particular context.

Most people charged with serving as greeters in the church may not only have no clue to what they are doing, without this training they may even be harmful to the work of greeting and hospitality.

Chris spent time with the seminar participants to help them move away from a less than gracious approach to newcomers and instead, to see it as a calling or an opportunity to share the peace of Jesus Christ.

Rev. Ernest Gardner, III

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  1. Vera Major says

    My church is almost 3 years old and we just purchased a building and that seats about 350. We have a membership of about 50 people we would love to see it grow for the glory of God. I just join the ministry 4 months ago and I am the leader for the Usher and Greeter ministries and just visiting your website has me really interested in your materials. I would love to get these materials but at this time our church funds are strictly for the remodeling of the new church. I would gladly pay out of my own pocket but I have been out of work for past 4 months. If you could email me some helpful hints you talk about until I’m able to purchase I would gladly appreciate it.

    Thank you,
    Vera Major

  2. says


    Thanks for stopping by. I’m grateful to hear that this webpage is inspiring some action.

    I’ve sent you a follow up email personally that contains some of the top resource pages on this website to help you find more great stuff.

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