Top 10 Church Greeter Guidelines

A church greeter is one of the simplest yet most important positions in the church.

Your  goal is to

  • share a kind word,
  • open a door,
  • offer a handshake or
  • just lend a helping hand to people as they enter the church.

But to pull off an effective welcome consistently, you might want to develop some church greeter guidelines that you can communicate quickly with your team.

10 Quick Tips for Church Greeters that you can send to your greeter team this weekend


10 Rapid Church Greeter Guidelines

Here are 10 Church Greeter Guidelines to keep in mind.

Use these guidelines for your church greeters by copy and paste in an email, or use some of the social sharing features here to broadcast this list.

  1. Show up on time
  2. Always be positive.
  3. Prepare yourself spiritually.
  4. Be friendly to all who enter.
  5. Pray in advance for your ministry.
  6. Show honor and dignity to our visitors and guests.
  7. Pay attention to what needs your visitors and guests might have.
  8. Follow up after the worship service and say good bye with style.
  9. Prepare yourself physically: Good grooming, appropriate clothing, fresh breath.
  10. Notice for ministry opportunities to pray with your guests before they leave.

Remember, your goal is simple and direct: Make people feel welcome at your church!

Take these church greeter guidelines and share them.  Be sure to properly cite your source by a direct link to this article.

Do you lead your greeter ministry?

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    Do you and material on greeting church members for all events. And the order of services.

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