Guest Article: 9 Questions for Retaining your Easter Crowd


As Easter is not too far away, what are you doing to help your church visitors and invited guests to come back the following week?

The following article is from a friend of this ministry, Gary Rohrmayer, who writes at YourJourneyBlog.

Read on for what Gary shares.

To read the development of each of the subpoints, visit the original article on Easter outreach here.

Easter is coming! Are you ready? 

You are working hard at having an explosive Easter, your largest Resurrection Sunday in the history of your church…but are you prepared to keep that crowd?

How do you plan to keep your Easter crowd coming back again and again?

When you think in the terms of retaining the crowd God gives you remember these three words: Assimilation. Transformation. Mobilization.

  • Assimilating them into the life of the church relationally.
  • Exposing them to the Transforming power of the gospel of Jesus.
  • Mobilizing them into the mission field God has placed them in.

When you think of these words you must break them down into key steps for the individual. What are you asking them to do?

  • Assimilation – Making a commitment to relationships within the church.
  • Transformation – Making a commitment to Christ as their Risen Lord and Holy Savior.
  • Mobilization – Making a commitment to living the mission of Jesus.

These nine questions will assist you in evaluating your retention plan.

  1. How will you train your people to be inviters, bringers and also includers?
  2. How will you prepare you people to be a welcoming and connecting church?
  3. How will you make your visitors feel like guests?
  4. How will you identify your first time guests?
  5. How will you ask them to respond to what they experienced in the worship service?
  6. What will you do to follow up your guests within 36 hours of their visit?
  7. What are the next steps that you will offer people to take?
  8. What will you do in next 30 days?
  9. How will you measure the effectiveness of your retention process?

I believe the future of our churches is in the harvest. The potential of future servants, future leaders, future inviters, future contributors, future staff, future elders and even future pastors are waiting in the guests we welcome today. If churches believe this then they will treat every guest like a superstar with VIP treatment.


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