Podcast: Treasure Hunting Evangelism with Mike Neelley

MikeNeelleyPhilip got a word from the Lord to “Go and stand next to that chariot.”

Can we get such words for today that lead us into an evangelism encounter?

In the attached podcast, my friend Mike Neelley talks about his experiences as a regular part of his evangelistic life as he waits on God’s guidance about people he should speak a blessing to.

He lives out my teaching on noticing people and then takes the risk to step out in obedience.

Mike realizes he is only seed planting in the process of evangelism.

Listen in as Mike introduce how he practices a form of evangelism popularized in a book Treasure Hunting Evangelism.

  1. What is treasure hunting and what it might look like, connected to personal evangelism?
  2. What are some scriptural examples that might form the basis of this practice?
  3. Mike shares a few examples from his own ministry of how this worked, including how he got a thank you note from the hygienist.
  4. What does “pressing in to God” mean?
  5. What do you think God is doing in the life of the other person as you share what you think God is showing you?
  6. What role does this event play in the journey to faith?
  7. What is the role of discernment in evaluating the guidance you get from God?
  8. How does doing this treasure hunting help your walk with Christ?
  9. Can any follower of Christ do this?
  10. What four tests can you apply to discern guidance?

Podcast note:  I notice there is some funny background noises in the interview, but I’m not sure what sounds were being picked up, nor do I know how to edit those sounds out.

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