What is inside Church Greeters 101?

Chris Walker's Church Greeters 101 now available in printChurch greeter ministry is a vital part of welcoming visitors to your church.

Sadly, this ministry gets neglected, overlooked, or relegated to auto-pilot, ending up with church leaders begging for unmotivated volunteers who fill a space.

Church Greeters 101 leads you forward in starting or relaunching the greeter ministry of your church, covering such topics as:

  • how to recruit church greeters,
  • ideas to train church greeters, and
  • ways to cast the vision for ongoing hospitality ministry.


  • You’ve been asked to recruit greeters for your church greeting ministry.
  • You’ve been asked to organize your church greeters, but aren’t quite sure where to start.
  • You’ve been asked to train your current greeters but can’t find any adequate training material available.

Maybe you are not sure of any of the requirements to be a church greeter and are asking. . .

Where do I begin?

Perhaps your greeter ministry has fizzled out during an interim minister.

Maybe your church greeting ministry has been neglected because your church has been through a process of healing.

Or maybe your church has never had a greeter ministry and you feel the need to start something fresh.

If you have the responsibility to lead the your church’s greeter ministry, Church Greeters 101 can help you start organizing this ministry to

  • improve your church’s welcome experience,
  • identify and recruit new volunteers,
  • cast a renewed vision for hospitality ministry, and
  • take your welcome experience to new levels.

Church Greeters 101 will help you get started in putting an effective church greeting ministry in place.

Your church can’t make an impact if your visitors don’t come back.  Church Greeters 101 will help you make sure your greeters are NOT the reason visitors stay away from your church.

Inside Church Greeters 101 you’ll find

  • How to recruit new church greeters
  • How to keep your church greeters from dropping out of ministry.
  • Meeting ideas for church greeter training.
  • 4 steps to recruit new church greeters and keep them on board.
  • 11 Sample exercises and role plays
  • 27 brainstorming questions for your greeter ministry
  • A special section on ushers
  • How to notice a 1st time visitor
  • What to say to first time church visitors
  • What NOT to say to first time church visitors
  • How to spiritually prepare your greeting team
  • A plan for organizing your greeter department or ministry
  • Sample church greeter guidelines and checklist for last minute reference
  • Sample initial greeter training meeting
  • 6 qualities of a excellent greeter
  • 10 possible topics for greeter training meetings
  • How to organize a greeting ministry from scratch
  • How to schedule greeters
  • How to figure out how many greeters you need.
  • 6 different types of greeters.
  • Ideas to develop your own church handouts and checklists.
  • Help your greeters develop a commitment to this ministry

Do you lead your greeter ministry?

Until September 1, 2013, Church Greeters 101 is available exclusively on Amazon.  Click on these links to read more (at Amazon).

You can get the 2 DVD Combo Set of Greeter Training DVDs from the store.

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