Stuff I’m Reading for Inspiration, January 17 2014

Every now and then, I spend some time reading other thinkers and Christian bloggers that make me think, react, or comment.  These are some of my favorites this week.

Arminianism Didn’t Save Me! Me Neither

I had no clue about Arminianism when I was born again.  I had no clue about John Calvin or Martin Luther when the Lord was pleased to save me.  All I knew was that Jesus died for my sins, that He rose again, and that He was my Savior and Lord.  That was all I knew.

. . . .

Oh friends, don’t worship a theological system.  Worship the Son of God!  Make Jesus your passion.  Don’t exalt a man above the Lord Jesus.  Exalt the Lord Jesus and make His name great!  Jesus came to ransom us from our sins (Mark 10:45) and His blood can wash away all our sins.

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Is Salvation a Matter of Urgency?

Miguel Labrador always has me thinking.  He a cross cultural missionary serving in South America who asks deep questions out of the work he does.  Here is a glimpse from an old post.

Urgency is imprudent when it:

  • Delivers a compromised Gospel message.
  • Creates an environment for insincere or ignorant “decisions.”
  • Uses emotional pleas to invoke a response.
  • Relies heavily on methodology and light on being all things to all people.
  • Places guilt on those who are not lead to reach out to specific people in specific times.

If Christ is the author and finisher of our faith,

then is there really any urgency in proclaiming the Gospel?.

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Commitment is a very big word. Especially when it comes to sharing the Gospel.

I spoke about someone who once described it this way:

Evangelism is the work of rescuing people from certain death. It is putting aside all fear and hesitance, knowing that we cannot stand by and watch people die without doing something to stop it.”(. Anon)

I am challenged by that statement and it made me examine my own commitment levels. Am I blinkered when it comes to sharing the good news? How do I view people that I come into contact with on a daily basis? Do I view them as souls either going to heaven or destined for a lost eternity? What if I don’t think about it and just get on with my day?

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6 Keys to Breaking the 200, 400 and 800 Attendance Barriers

This is a recurring post I keep returning to.  Carey is a great thinking and leader based on what I’ve read so far.

’m going to assume leaders are praying and that the church is biblical and authentic in its mission. I’ll also assume that leaders want to church to grow.

But even with all those conditions in place, too many churches just can’t push through.

And even once you get past 200, some churches can’t make it past 400 or 800.  Again, not for lack of desire or opportunity.

So why can’t they grow?

They simply haven’t structured for growth.

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