Personal Evangelism


A Good Friday Reminder – Jesus Changes Lives

One challenge to shortening a personal testimony is to get at this core question: What difference has Jesus made in your life? As I watched this video below, I was struck by the power of the cross.  Real lives changed by a real Jesus. This is what Jesus does. Jesus transforms a life. Jesus gives […]


Conference: Personal Evangelism for Ordinary People February 28, 2015

Imagine: You confidently answer a question about why you follow Jesus. Your friend asks you how you became a Christian and you give a clear story. You share the gospel story without being tongue-tied. I once met a church member who felt that evangelism was not doable because he felt he had no talent, no […]

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Church Hospitality

Easter Church Visit 2015

Confessions of a Church Shopper #7: An Easter 2015 Church Visit

It was Easter Sunday. We attended a traditional church in a mainline tradition. It was the traditional service, one of 3 main services on a Sunday morning.  Full robes were worn by the hand bell team and the full choir.  The pastor wore a suit and tie.  We sang the awesome hymns of Easter accompanied […]

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Greeter Ministry

Church Greeter Kissed my Wife

Church Greeter Tips: Show Respect for your Guests

Several months ago, a church greeter kissed my wife. Other church greeters failed to make eye contact. We startled a church greeter by asking her a simple question “Where is the middle school Sunday school class meeting?” She didn’t know the answer and we created an awkward moment. As the hospitality ministry leader, it is […]

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