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Host an Evangelism WorkshopI was once the in-your-face obnoxious evangelist, but I’ve grown in skill and grace.

I would talk with everyone whether they wanted to hear me or not, but I now have more fruitful evangelistic conversationsthat help seekers move closer to Christ.

I’ve lost the fear that stops me from talking about my faith.

You’ll often find me spending time with people who don’t attend church and talking about my relationship with Jesus.

You can too.

As an evangelist, I want to help seekers and believers connect with a local church so they may grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Yet many churches are not welcoming.

Many don’t seem to care about their visitor.

A church can always improve it’s welcome experience to help newcomers learn about Jesus and find a place to serve.

Your church can too.

I’m Chris Walker, the writer behind EvangelismCoach.org.  I’ve studied evangelism and church growth ever since answering phones for a televised Billy Graham crusade over 20 years ago, and have led countless training seminars throughout the Americas in many different denominations.

Denominations vary from independent, Presbyterian, Christian Reformed, Church of God, Foursquare, Evangelical Covenant, Greek Orthodox, Salvation Army, Church of God General Conference, United Methodist, along with other flavors of Pentecostal and Charismatic independent churches.

My experience as a first time church visitor in all these different contexts helps me bring you fresh ideas on how you can welcome church visitors into your midst.   My conversational experiences with people from all different places in their journey to faith always brings me fresh insight to help you.

What can I do for you?

Epicentro ColonI want to help you:

  • Lead more church visitors to Christ as they get involved in your congregation.
  • Remove the unnecessary barriers to a church visitor getting involved.
  • Have awesome conversations about Jesus with people who need Him.
  • Celebrate more baptisms of new believers this year.

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If you really want to know more . .  

IMG_2093Chris Walker is an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and is the principal writer for Evangelism Coach.

He has studied evangelism and church growth ever since answering telephones for a Billy Graham crusade over 20 years ago, and has led countless training seminars throughout North and South America in many different denominations.

Chris was involved in youth ministry for 15 years, was associate pastor at Christ Presbyterian in Richmond VA, and in 2001 helped to launch Eternity Church,  an international church focused on gathering the nations to worship Christ.

He earned a Master of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield IL, and a Master of Theology from Union Theological Seminary, Richmond VA.

In 2004, he was Millard Scholar of Evangelism at Union PSCE in Richmond.

Currently he serves as Pioneer Faculty for Missions and Evangelism in the Americas with The Dunamis Insitute, a ministry of Presbyterian Reformed Ministries International and is involved in a new church plant in the city where he lives.

Chris has taught evangelism for local mission bases of Operation Mobilization, Youth with a Mission, and HIMF (based in Costa Rica).

Chris has taught evangelism and church renewal in 8 different countries: United States, Austria, Panamá, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.

My Family

Chris and his wife Brenda have two children, Brandon and Anakarina.  As a family, they enjoy vacations in Latin America and have visited places like the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador, and Macchu Pichu in the Andean mountains of Peru.

Chris also serves as the evangelism specialist for the Celtic Hound Network (CHN), developed to specialize in spiritual life coaching and organizational development resourcing for church leaders.

Chris is a member of the Internet Evangelism Day speakers bureau.

Chris has written two books:

What has Chris done and why should you consider him?

If you are wondering why you should bother with Chris and if he has any skill, consider some of what Chris as done in the past that might be relevant:

  • Studied Evangelism since 1988
  • Moderated Presbytery’s Evangelism Committee
  • Conducted Multiple workshops at Presbytery events
  • Published in Net Results Magazine
  • Launched 4 other businesses
  • Consulted on the development of new evangelism curriculum
  • Taught evangelism and mission conferences in 8 countries
  • Taught on expository preaching in 2 countries
  • Taught on the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit in 4 countries.

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  1. Joe cruz says


    After I purchase the downloadable DVD, can I copy it to my computer? Just so later I can show it to my church?

  2. says

    Hello Chris,

    Wanted to thank you for mentioning my books on Greeting 101 and Ushering 101 on your website. Would love to chat sometime with you.

    The Pastor’s Friend,

    Dr. Buddy Bell

  3. Shawn says

    Good day all;
    HELP, HELP, yes that is just how i want to say it,
    I was given charge by my bishop, to supervise the ushers at our church ( 250+ members) however there are about 17 registered ushers , but i am not getting the service from these members.
    Let,s start with the parking lot-, two ushers are place there 30 min before services starts, the problem is, 20 min into the service, they remove themselves, several times i found myself running outside, to help someone park their car, hold an umbrella, etc.
    Inside, they will be active, up until the bishop commence his sermon, then the all sit down open their bibles, and forgot what their duties were,if some one comes through the door, all they do is stand up and point to a seat.
    Please note that this have been going on for the longest time, some of them claim that there were doing ushering 12 years,
    Is it a matter of trying to teach old dogs new tricks.
    please advice me how to deal with this situation.

  4. says

    I enjoyed our conversation over the phone, talking about how to help you cast a new vision for church hospitality among your ushers and greeters. I look forward to a few more as well as the possibility of coming to you in person as we discussed.

  5. Peter Chang says

    Dear Pastor Chris
    I am pastoring a small church here in Singapore. We were scheduled to have a 2 nights course on personal and effective evangelism to equip our members to reach out in this year of harvest. However, our trainer has cancelled at the last minute and I am in a quandary right now. I was praying last night to our Lord for a way out, and He asked me to google for help on Internet. Guess what, your site came up first, and I am happy that you have such a course. However, I note that you cannot ship to Singapore – for whatever reason. Can an exception be made so I can get hold of this DVD set and keep the dates for my congregation instead of cancelling or postponing?

    God bless!

  6. says


    Thanks for joining the weekly newsletter list that (for now) goes out every Friday. As to where to start, there is currently a section on the right side called “Start here.” It covers a list of key articles that lead to further articles. I’ll be adding to that column later this year as I’m pulling together those summaries. I’m also working at knocking out typos as I find them in the older material.

  7. John says

    Can I attend the forth coming conference in Oct. this yr.?? in Montreat NC.I live in Africa.

  8. says

    I’ll be in touch via your email. If you have your receipt, please forward it to me so that I can find the transaction in my logs. I can’t locate your email address, so maybe you used a different email to pay?

  9. Stanley Foster says

    Hi Chris,
    It is so good to hear from you. I got married in 2007 and we are living in Panama City Beach Fl. We’re looking forward to possibly going back with YWAM. My phone number is 850-774-1072 FYI and my email address is STANPCB@aol.com. Drop me a line because sometimes I can’t answer the phone while i’m at work. This week it’s 4 PM to 12:30 AM. Next week it will be 9:30 AM for 10 hours plus two hours drive time.

  10. Evangelist Regina Harrell says

    this site is really helpful to me because I was just appointed Hospitality minister tonight and that’s one area of the church that I’ve never had to work in so I looked it up and I found your website and it is very helpful very interesting and I thank God for you

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