Our Vision

Here is the dream

To ignite the church of the Americas in the power of the Holy Spirit to passionately fulfill God’s call to reach the nations.

In a nut shell, we’d like to help

  • Churches make a lasting impact in their community.
  • Pastors lead their congregations in personal evangelism.
  • Individuals discover that evangelism can be as natural as breathing.

By common observation and several years of experience as a Presbyterian pastor:

  • Many Christians do not know how to confidently share their faith.
  • Many Churches are not growing by profession of faith.

This effectively

  • Marginalizes the relevance of the church
  • Hinders people from hearing about the grace of God
  • Hinders people from fulfilling their God given purposes.

Training Evangelists

Pastor Evangelism TRaining

We are called to train evangelists and help the church.

We want to see

  • Evangelists who can share the gospel, empowered by the Holy Spirit
  • Evangelists who work in partnership to help the church make disciples
  • Evangelists who don’t leave new converts high and dry, but connect them to a local church

Training Pastors

We have discerned that a great need for pastors in training in personal evangelism.

We want to see

  • Pastors excited about evangelism and able to train their churches.
  • Pastors trained in preaching and able to soundly study Scripture
  • Pastors passionate about reaching their neighborhoods for Christ.

Training Churches

Church Evangelism trainingWe are not called to be drive-by missionaries, but rather to work in partnership with the local church.

We want to see

  • The local church passionate about reaching the lost.
  • The local Church equipped to share it’s vital faith.
  • The local Church thinking through its strategy to reach the area it’s planted.

Doing the work of Evangelism

Along the way, we have the privilege of actually doing the work of evangelism.

People have come to faith in our workshops as we share the gospel wherever we go.

Since Chris is an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian church, he preaches at churches large and small, always giving an invitation to find faith in Christ.  He also models evangelistic passion which he hopes the church will catch.

It is a privilege to serve Communion when the opportunity arises.

Accomplishing the Vision

We carry this out by working in partnership with individuals, churches, and denominations, throughout Central America, South America, and North America.

We are not lone-ranger missionaries.  Rather we come along side the local church and assist them and serve their needs.  Evangelism is not done apart from the work of the local church.

We provide individual mentoring and coaching, plus teaching workshops at various church and regional conferences as churches see fit.

Sometimes we are simply presenters at a conference, and at other times we are the organizer.

To accomplish this, we need your ongoing support.

The Role of PRMI

We have been sent out with the covering of the Dunamis Fellowship International, a ministry of Presbyterian Reformed Ministries International in Black Mountain NC.

PRMI has been a vital part of our life for over 10 years and part of the “ethos” of our ministry.  We have been vital in reworking their evangelism material and freely use their content in our teaching ministry throughout Central and South America.  The demand for this material in Spanish is great and we are privilege to pioneer it.

Donations to our work can be made through PRMI.


  1. Rev Victor Cheady says

    Dear Brethren,

    I am blessed to come across your website that you are involved in evangelism. i read your site and it edified me. I am in Liberia, west Africa ,and there is a need to train believers in the country, especially in the rural areas to reach our people. We, a group of churches, decided to start evangelism training but we have no materials. Your work can help us here. please let me know how your ministry can reach us.

  2. says

    The best way that I can help you is to invite you to take advantange of all the free resources online:

    * “Like” us on Facebook
    * Sign up for our newsletter
    * Attend our personal training.


  3. Solomon Ternder Anzenge says

    Hi Pastor Chris, it’s good reading about your vision of evangelism and hospitality in the Church. I am an internet evangelist but am not fulfilled because I have not led anyone to Christ online since I started out. I know I need disciplehip in online evangelism but noone to help me. I want to ask you to assist in anyways, probably in training(discipling me) apart from the online course I intend to start now. I have the desire to reach out to the lost online and win a lot of people to Christ and then to teach others to do same. Please heed my Macedonia call. I look forward to hearing from you. I can also be reached via twitter.com/wakesternder, Facebook.com/christawake and +2348065387819. Thanking you so much. Blessings!

  4. Bro.Francis Kpalee says

    I am also glad to hear that you train people in the area of Evangelism. I would like to have few tips on how you carry out your evangelism and how I can applied this in my church.

  5. says

    I noticed my book “Telling the Gospel through story” is on your list. Would you be willing to put a review on IVP, Amazon …? That would be helpful. Also wanted to bring the above website to your notice and also the notice of the friends who wrote above. It has many resources on storytelling as well as video stories …hope they might be helpful.
    In Christ,

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