TeachingClassOMPanamaOur work is living entirely by faith that God’s servants will provide for His work here through

  • our speaking fees,
  • product sales, and
  • tax deductible free will offerings from individuals.

How to Partner in our work

You can make

  • US Tax deductible contributions to a 501(c)3 via PRMI
  • Personal Gifts, non-tax deductible

Read on below to make a decision.

Make sure you give your tithe to your local church and support us out of your free-will offerings.

Open Air preaching in Panama

Tax Deductible Giving to

Individuals can make tax Deductible Gifts are made through Presbyterian Reformed Ministries International (PRMI) which provides our ministry with 501c3 covering.

What is our connection to PRMI?
PRMI GatesPRMI is a non-profit worldwide fellowship of Christians from the Presbyterian and Reformed churches committed to spiritual renewal and to the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit.

As of August 2010, I serve on their board of directors, teach in their ministry throughout the United States and Latin America.

PRMI has been part of my ministry life since 1997 and is a ministry I proudly support with my own gifts.

They have a global ministry of renewal and live up to the ECFA accountability standards.

I have taught for them since 2000 when I became a Faculty member of the Dunamis Fellowship, and a lot of my material is used in their evangelism course.   They are headquartered in Black Mountain NC.

Please be aware:

  1. Your tax deductible donations to our work will also place you on PRMI’s mailing list for their ministry. You will need to notify me if you do not want that to happen and I can fix that.
  2. Please forward me your first online receipt so I can make sure PRMI has received it all correctly.

Tax Deductible giving options for donations by individual:

The following PayPal buttons will designate your PRMI gift to support our work under their fund “Mission To Americas/EvangelismCoach”

a. Special Gift Online Via Paypal, for our general support.

b. Monthly Gift Subscription via PayPal.

You can setup an automatic payment to happen on the same day each month via PayPal.

Select the monthly amount and then choose the Subscribe Button.

Recurring Contribution Options

If you want to do an amount other than one shown, please contact me.

c. Want to use a credit/debit card by phone?

Simply call the PRMI office at (828) 669-7373 and you can set that up over the telephone.  Specify that your gifts are for

Donate Via US Mail

For those of you who desire to mail an actual check, simply make it payable to PRMI and mark the memo: “”

Please include a note as well that it’s for

P.O.Box 429
Black Mountain NC 28711

You will receive a receipt by return US Mail from PRMI.

We will receive word of your gift and send you an email or letter by regular US Mail.

Donations from churches or Personal Gifts (non-deductible personal gifts)

Churches, or individuals who don’t want a tax-deduction, can give directly to us (without having to go through PRMI), since they do not need tax deductible benefit.

Any gifts through this button will come to us directly and will be acknowledged by me directly.

If you wish to pitch in via monthly subscription, here are some options:

Subscription Level

Thank you for your support. Your gifts enable our ministry to give it’s resources away in Latin America to impact churches beyond our borders.


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