From a 2015 Seminar on Personal Evangelism:

Chris’s work was incredibly impactful in regards to my overall perception of evangelism. Through strong biblical references, open dialogue, relevant videos & powerful exercises, Chris took a group of believers to a place where they were able to clearly articulate the work that God has done in their lives. Through this well thought out program, we were each equipped to go out into our communities with a clear, convicted message to share.
K.C. Long

From a 2014 Missions Conference

I have known Chris for several years and can testify to his solid biblical teaching, especially in the area of evangelism training. He is an effective communicator who is able to share the good news of Jesus Christ and the gospel in non-threatening ways. He is very down to earth in his attitude and language. He communicates well through the use of stories to help connect the principals he is explaining. People who have attended his seminars have expressed to me their appreciation for his teaching. They come away both challenged and encouraged in practical ways to apply their faith to daily life.

Pastor Richard White

Christ Community Church, EPC

Montreat North Carolina


From a 2014 Seminar on Personal Evangelism

  • It is pragmatic.
  • Empowering gives big insight on how to impact people not our way but the Holy Spirit way.
  • It will make your love sharing Jesus without being a jerk.
  • Very instructive, knowledgeable and by the time you leave you feel more confident on how to evangelize a new soul.
  • The teaching helps to go out and reach out to souls in the house of God.
  • It put evangelism in a reasonable, realistic, personal framework for me.
  • Evangelism isn’t a scary thing, the seminar will make you understand. It can be easy and natural.
  • Good lifestyle evangelism tips – look for spiritual thirst.
  • This takes the pressure off me for evangelism and allows me to trust God more.
  • It is so worth your time!
  • This helps me share my faith and the Gospel.
  • How to give people God that fits their need.
  • It is inspiring. Helped to ease many of my fears about evangelism.
  • You ought to come to the seminar because it will diminish or remove your doubts and fears on sharing your faith.
  • Thought provoking and spiritually insightful – giving you just the nudge to push past obstacles to evangelism.
  • Chris Walker is an extremely knowledgeable pastor in evangelism and a very good speaker.
  • Come! Laugh & Cry & Learn. Evangelism is something everyone can do!
  • The seminar will help your growth as a follower of Christ.
  • It was a blessing to know how to start evangelism. Evangelism is our job for life with Christ.
  • Fruit of evangelism is a growing disciple.
  • A good way to discover and share your personal story in a useful way.
  • Learning personal evangelism – being supported in what we do.
  • Evangelism 101; understanding and practicing it effectively.
  • You will leave with tools to help you along your journey of evangelism.
  • A great way to feel more comfortable in expressing your walk with Chris.
  • If you want to learn how to share Jesus with others, you need to come to this workshop.

From 2013 February seminar on Grace Filled Conversations

  • Inspirational, re-awakening.
  • Do not be afraid! Evangelism is not scary – or need not be. It can be a friendly conversation.
  • “Attend one. ” You will no longer fear, ridicule or avoid evangelism.
  • More people really want to know Jesus and how to help others reach Him.
  • Good. Well worth it.
  • The seminar was awesome.
  • You will lose your misconceptions about evangelism.
  • Go with an open heart and mind and you will leave fulfilled.
  • You’ll learn to listen better.
  • An inspiring motivational speaker with a message for all.
  • Just do it – You will find that the skills are within, this encourages you to put them to use – gives you confidence that you can put it  into action.
  • The seminar helps you feel more comfortable about evangelism.
  • Tools to share one’s faith with others to help them.

From 2013 January, regarding “Turning church visitors to members”

  • Good guided focus on hospitality.
  • Provides many “aha” moments.
  • It was very well prepared and addressed the importance of hospitality to make visitors feel welcome and comfortable.
  • Chris has so much to share about enthusiastic welcoming and hospitality. I feel as though I have been able to establish goals which I’ve not been able to do previously.
  • You need to go.
  • It was really a wonderful presentation, with examples that we could relate to.
  • Very informative with realistic content.
  • If you really want to make a positive impact on your visitors you really need to come or get resources from this seminar.
  • A no nonsense, plain English commentary on church life with excellent suggestions on how to make a more welcoming atmosphere.
  • It will help you evaluate yourself.
  • Chris Walker shares his enthusiasm, experience and perspective as Evangelism Coach at a lively pace. What helpful information and suggestions for us to improve our ministry.
  • This seminar relates to people in all Christian churches. The principles taught are universal. If you want to carry out Christ’s commission listen to Chris Walker.
  • I love your use of language to explain this process. I’ve attended many outreach seminars over the years, but have “heard” much helpful perspective today. Thank you Chris!

  • The seminar was a good balance of lecture and small group interaction. Loved the humorous videos.
  • Thank you for an interesting seminar that presented new ideas for me to share with my church groups.

  • Eye-opening presentation on viewing one’s own church objectively!!
  • The seminar gives great pointers and ideas for welcoming guests and visitors. It also points out the frictions that make a visitor feel less welcomed. The seminar offers an opportunity to evaluate one’s church in the area of hospitality.


Our bishop wants the church to grow and gave me the task of putting together a training workshop to prepare the members participating in evangelism.  This is how I came to discover your site. I was searching different sites and your site was simple and reader friendly. I always like simple. I’m a very practical person. I will be including the greeter information in my training session. I believe it will help bring confidence to our members.   — Sonya Barkley

Thank you a thousand times for making your web site available! – Paul Vavrin

Just string to soak in every bit so I can do my best with what you have graciously provided. I agree with much of it, learn a bunch too. I loved it. I think that this would help a great deal of the Churches and ministries out there if they would listen to it and apply it. I even tweeted about it. I just want to say thanks for taking my request seriously and helping our Church to be more equipped to get our message our and reach people. — Chris Price

Thanks for your ministry and guidance. We’re still just “getting started” with our intentional behaviors about being welcoming, hospitable and evangelistic. Your material has been very helpful so far and I will utilize further resources when and if we think it will give us a further boost. Much appreciated!

Rev. Tim Black
Associate Pastor
First Presbyterian Church of Brandon

Your content helped us with our meeting!

I want to take this time to thank you for the ministry you have.  I am involved in several ministries in our small church that has gone through some great (and challenging) changes over the course of the past year.

One of the things we are working on is our brand new Assimilation Team.  We had our first meeting last week and we used resources from your website to help direct us.  (THANK YOU!)

I thank you, again, for your help and if you have more ideas we could implement, please let me know.

Blessings in Christ,

Kandace Benson
Assimilation, Communication, Outreach,
and Educational Ministries Participant
Crossroads Alliance Church

The Value of Having Lunch

Chris, I want to thank you so much for the lunch you shared with me, our Outreach Moderator and our seminary intern.

Having the chance to do a back and forth discussion on your ideas and to bounce suggestions off you (and each other) was enormously helpful.

I felt our discussion was able to get deeper into issues than the ordinary “Q&A” which often happens after meetings.

The time was well spent. I hope we can do it again.

Paul Leggett
Grace Presbyterian Church
MontClair NJ

Recent Conferences:

I enjoyed your message and couldn’t sleep that night because the Holy Spirit took hold and was placing so many motivational thoughts in my head, all inspired by your sermon on Acts.

Thanks be to God for all you are doing in ministry!

Reverend Melodee Bottari
Pompton Valley Presbyterian Church
Newark NJ

In October of 2009, I gave some training for the Salvation Army and the Quest School of Ministry.  Here is some of the feedback received from their surveys:

“This workshop has a lot to digest.  Great tools given for everyone to be able to share the gospel.”

“Thank you for the web information.  I can go home and use any time.  This course should be taught across the territory.”

“Not long enough – We need more of this teaching.”

“You helped me think outside of the “church box”.

“Chris is an excellent presenter and very passionate about what he teaches.”

“Highly recommend seminar, particularly for those who are not sure of how, when, where and what to say or do to evangelize.”

“Very informative and inspirational – Thanks!”

“I can definitely see how our church (corps) can train greeters and welcome people better.”

“Too much information in too short of time.  Please give us more time.”

“Chris is a very captivating and passionate presenter.”

“Lots of information for too little time.  Thank you for new eyes!”

“Great Job! – Please make handouts available, I can’t write fast enough.”

“Thank you for helping me think and see outside the box.”

Colin KerrI’m normally hesitate about any seminar that claims to “coach” people for evangelism, but this was the real deal. Good theology and good practical explanations!
I never knew sharing my faith could simply be part of the story of who I am. I feel much more confident discussing my faith with my friends. Chris is one of the spiritual leaders that makes PC(USA) look good.

Colin Kerr, Director of Christian Ed
2nd Presbyterian Church Charleston SC
Author, A Heaven-Backed Rebellion

Check out this audio testimonial from Kirby Worthington in Richmond Virginia, who shares how these workshops impacted her.

Kirby’s Testimony

pagechargoisIt was great to be with you and to hear you pour out your wisdom and knowledge about evangelism.  You bring such excitement and enthusiasm to the task and to help those who don’t know how easy it is to be at ease in sharing their faith.

Paige Lanier Chargois
Richmond VA
Author, the Work of the Greeter

Thanks Chris for a great workshop the other night.  So much of what you said I have seen in action in my life in the last year.  This was great confirmation, but I still realize I need to listen better, and be more intentional until it becomes natural.

Frank Basil
Shady Grove United Methodist
Richmond VA

I feel rejuvenated in learning to pray after the Salvation Army Quest ministry workshops in Michigan.
Chris is very passionate and on fire for what he speaks about. Keep up the good work!

Dean Groendal
Muskegon Corps, Salvation Army

staff-kyung-heeYour Bible-based interpretation of how people respond to evangelism was just excellent and definitely I had ‘aha’ moments.  People in the congregation will relate to your ‘fear-free evangelism’ and how they find their own thirst and hunger for God and relate it to their own.  You open them to constant dialogue with you about their own real experience of evangelism, while encouraging them to be set free from fear of ‘E’ word.

Rev. Kyung-hee Sa
Pastor of Caring Ministries
Kent Island United Methodist Church

chrispettitChris Walker’s evangelism workshop offers practical, easy to implement evangelism strategies that motivate Christians to fulfill our commission.

By taking the fear out of evangelism and the correcting the twisted view that we must stand on a street corner with a megaphone to win converts – Chris draws from years of missionary experience to show that sharing our faith with others should come natural.

A distinctive feature of this workshop is the follow-up. It is not just a one-day workshop that will soon be forgotten, but through Chris’ Evangelismcoach.org website, you stay engaged with Chris and are encouraged to share their experiences long after the workshop ends.

I highly recommend this workshop for congregations looking to grow and make a greater impact for Christ in their community.

Pastor Chris Pettit
Royal Oak UMC

Chris presents evangelism in a non-threatening way.

This is appropriate because he wants very much for each listener to hear the message that doing evangelism isn’t something to fear.

He is also very clear about evangelism beginning with prayer and that we must listen for God’s Spirit as he directs us/or directs people to us who are open to talking/hearing about Jesus.

Every Christian can benefit from Chris’ presentation.

Rev. David Bowerrev davidbower
Grace Presbyterian Church
Lanham MD

I have been blessed with attending both a national conference that Chris Walker was a workshop leader as well as having him lead a two hour workshop at the Church I serve as pastor.

Chris is a highly accessible speaker who brings a passion and energy to his workshops that is contagious.

His two hour traveling workshop is a wonderful way to start conversations about evangelism in a congregation.

Chris highlights the common fears we all have about evangelism and offers Biblical, theological and practical ideas for overcoming them.

I look forward to working with Chris in the future as we hold a multi-weekend conference for national Capital Presbytery where he will be the leader.

Rev. Geoffrey J. McLeanGeoff McClean
Christ Presbyterian Church
Fairfax, Virginia


My elders were excited about the [Fear Free Evangelism] event and shared some of what they learned at tonight’s session meeting. I am sure it will lead to further conversations and actions.
Ed Boyce

Recent Webinars

Gas on the Fire August 08

“I think this was presented in a very timely fashion. I will like to join the next time Chris does the Webinar.”

“This is an eye-opener and can help many people get started.”

“Chris Walker’s training is some of the best I’ve been part of. I highly recommend it.”

Fear Free Evangelism Webinars / Live

“Completely changed my idea about evangelism”

“We need this kind of teaching” C. Hemlar

“Took the fear right out of me.  I can’t wait to share my faith.”

In the back of my mind, I kept thinking about the question you posed to us in the workshop:

What if discussing your faith was a normal, everyday thing?

— R. Gambrel

Personal Coaching (Link: Evangelism Coaching)

I just want to thank you for your mentoring, it was good training.  You helped me be  more open to the leading of the Holy Spirit, how to speak with out distractions and avoid Christianese.  Thanks for the encouragement-  Walter F. Mish

Other 2008 Events:


“It was an awesome experience getting to know you and experience your passion for the lost.” – Joe Schlosser

I appreciate your blog and think, for example, your recent post of “keys to evangelism training” is a great, simple summary. I love the title of your conference, “Fear Free Evangelism.” – P Henry.

Recent Evangelism Conferences or Workshops

andy la bo It was during these few days of teachings that I began to see how wonderfully God is using Chris to stir the church’s heart towards His people.   His desire to serve the Lord is magnified by the Holy Spirit to accomplish His will and Chris is that willing and obedient servant. Chris is able to share his heart and desire to bring the people whom God loves to a saving knowledge in Jesus Christ.  — A. La Bo, Dunamis Fellowship, Jan 08.

I can’t begin to tell you how what you shared with us has spoken deep into my heart.  It was what I needed to hear at this point in my life.  The insights that you shared give me fresh vision in ministry — Participant, National Children’s Leadership Conference, Penonome, Panama, Jan 08.

Thanks [to your team] for sharing with us.  You are an example for my life.  I can see how [your team] works in unity, love, and respect.  I saw the presence of God in your lives, as great servants of God, with great gifts.  I don’t have enough words to express our thanks — M Tinoco, Vida Joven, Matagapla, Nicaragua, December 2007.

I need to thank you for telling us the excitement you have for evangelism.  Our time together reminds me I’m still part of the Lord’s plan to tell others of His love for them. — C. Pratt, Branson MO, October 2007.

Past Evangelism Conferences

2007 Evangelism Workshops

Thank you so much for coming to teach our Discipleship Training School and the Leadership School at our Youth with a Mission Base in Panama. We’ve enjoyed it greatly and learned lots of new things. You’ve been a blessing to us and we look forward to seeing you again in the future at YWAM Panama — The DTS Staff, March 2007

“This was the best course on Evangelism I’ve taken. It helped me relax and see that I already do it, and I am grateful to have been with you.” Brett – YWAM Panama, 07

“I attended a 2 day seminar presented by [Chris]. He did a fine job of covering the content and gave me helpful advice on how to improve the approach to evangelism at the church which I attend.” S. Mertz, Michigan

“I’m grateful for your dedication and enthusiasm. Your technique and assessment of our culture was very enlightening to me.  I’m confident that the Holy Spirit will be able to work through me more effectively” — B., Mumy, April 2007.

“I’m so glad that I came for your teaching on evangelism . . .  I appreciated that you took the time to think about and follow-up on the questions I asked you. . . . What you taught us made me realize I am an evangelist. . . . I will also give more thought to how I present the gospel when given the opportunity.”  S Massie, April 07

2006 and earlier Evangelism Seminars

“I want to thank you again for the wonderful conference information. Everyone is raving about it (not that we actually GO to raves, we’re Presbyterians).” Seattle WA Participant, March 05

“His wisdom and guidance towards our students has caused a great impact in them.” – Argenis Mena, YWAM Barquisimeto Venezuela.

“Chris is a vivacious speaker who is able to impart an excitement in evangelism. He is organized and succinct in his presentations; his talks aer filled with personal testimonies, laughter, and truth. Also his teachings on evangelism are relevant to the culture today. Very enlightening and enjoyable.” M Long – Lake Ann, MI

“I enjoyed the [Listening Evangelism] course immensely and have gotten a lot of useful information and tools from it” – B Benghouser, Lake Ann, MI

“We will be glad to see you here teaching us again. I hope to count on you to be one of our teachers on a regular basis!” Ruben Carrasquel, YWAM Barquisimeto, Venezuela.

Your teaching was clear, organized, and gave much food for thought (and action) as to how we should be reaching out and interacting with our culture. The emphasis of “God working both sides of the equation,” helped to take the pressure off the feeling of “needing to save the world.” — Quarryville PA Dunamis Participant, September 06.

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