Quit your whining about the Noah Movie – use it instead for evangelism

The Noah Movie Review

What is your reaction to the Noah Movie?After discussing it with my family over a dinner, we concluded that there are likely 3 main reactions  from the world of Christians to the Noah movie.Two of them will be useless for the kingdom of God.Christians should seize the opportunity to talk about a biblical story and contrast it with Noah … [Read more...]

Friday Finds April 18 2014 Reading for Inspiration

Friday Finds Magnifying Glass

A Easter cartoon I shared on my Facebook Page and Pinterest has gone haywire.  It's not my cartoon, but it certainly generated likes, tweets, and repins and reshares.  I laughed a little too hard when I saw this cartoon from Tim Davis (leadershipJournal.net/cartoons).  If you like it, share it. … [Read more...]

A short film clip for an Easter Conversation about faith


How do we share something so big, so wonderful, so life changing as a relationship with Christ with the people around us who associate the festivities of Easter with chicks, chocolate eggs and magic bunnies?You might want to think about using some short clips that you can find on YouTube.  Choose wisely.I’d encourage you to think carefully … [Read more...]

How to Give Constructive Feedback to Your Church Greeters


A church greeter I never met invaded my personal space.An apathetic church greeter gave me a bulletin while talking to a friend.A church greeter wore so much cologne that my eyes watered when standing in his presence.Church greeters say the dumbest things.The mistakes of church greeters was one reason a family quit going to church … [Read more...]

How to use God is not Dead (The Movie) as a conversation starter


I recently saw the movie God is not Dead.My own reaction to the movie is somewhat mixed to the movie.But a wise evangelist could suggest this movie to a truly seeking friend and allow it to open further conversational opportunities.This movie will likely not successfully engage those who's minds are already made up or hostile to the … [Read more...]

Friday Finds April 4 2014 – Reading for Inspiration

Friday Finds Magnifying Glass

I've got a few great feeds set up in my reader to keep the inspiration fresh.  I can flip through blogs while passing time somewhere.  Everynow and then, some great gems appear.  I try to share a few every now and then Does Jesus Use People? Does Jesus “Use People?” (In The Negative Sense) via @evangelism4all “You know, at church, I am a … [Read more...]

Grand Opening: EvangelismCoach Store


You can now order nearly all of the various EvangelismCoach products from the new storefront that I setup about two weeks ago.As this ministry has grown, it has been sustained in part by the purchases of various books and recordings to help your church.  As I kept adding resources and writing more content, the resources got buried and became … [Read more...]

Is your church website an open door or barrier to your church?

Church Website Update

Today, Yvon Phren allow me to share her guest post about your church website.Yvon is an excellent writer and shares frequently on church communications - in fact, that is her ministry.I've benefited much from my conversations with her and her regular newsletter provides all sorts of great snippets.  She also runs a membership site that is … [Read more...]

39 Days of Personal Evangelism–Tweetable List

Evangelism Tips

Try this schedule of daily steps to increase your personal evangelism in your life.Ways to use this list:Share it to your networks via Google, Twitter, Facebook, everywhere. Print it out and use it in your small group for accountability. Save it and post each one as a Twitter tip (they all fit) Incorporate these into your in a church … [Read more...]

Coffee as a means of grace


A little humor today from Coffee as a Means of Grace - A sip of theological humor.If you have ever endured an sermon loaded with sloppy exegesis, you'll find the rest of the article a good laugh.  I've heard nearly every exegetical mistake picked on in the article and couldn't help but laugh at the accuracy of the twists and turns.This was … [Read more...]