Friday Finds April 4 2014 – Reading for Inspiration

Friday Finds Magnifying Glass

I've got a few great feeds set up in my reader to keep the inspiration fresh.  I can flip through blogs while passing time somewhere.  Everynow and then, some great gems appear.  I try to share a few every now and then Does Jesus Use People? Does Jesus “Use People?” (In The Negative Sense) via @evangelism4all “You know, at church, I am a … [Read more...]

Grand Opening: EvangelismCoach Store


You can now order nearly all of the various EvangelismCoach products from the new storefront that I setup about two weeks ago.As this ministry has grown, it has been sustained in part by the purchases of various books and recordings to help your church.  As I kept adding resources and writing more content, the resources got buried and became … [Read more...]

Is your church website an open door or barrier to your church?

Church Website Update

Today, Yvon Phren allow me to share her guest post about your church website.Yvon is an excellent writer and shares frequently on church communications - in fact, that is her ministry.I've benefited much from my conversations with her and her regular newsletter provides all sorts of great snippets.  She also runs a membership site that is … [Read more...]

39 Days of Personal Evangelism–Tweetable List

Evangelism Tips

Try this schedule of daily steps to increase your personal evangelism in your life.Ways to use this list:Share it to your networks via Google, Twitter, Facebook, everywhere. Print it out and use it in your small group for accountability. Save it and post each one as a Twitter tip (they all fit) Incorporate these into your in a church … [Read more...]

Coffee as a means of grace


A little humor today from Coffee as a Means of Grace - A sip of theological humor.If you have ever endured an sermon loaded with sloppy exegesis, you'll find the rest of the article a good laugh.  I've heard nearly every exegetical mistake picked on in the article and couldn't help but laugh at the accuracy of the twists and turns.This was … [Read more...]

How often should we serve coffee? – Reader Question


I love answering reader questions.I usually get to answer right away, and sometimes they are such great questions that I want to share them with you all, with permission I thank you so much for giving me ideas on how to improve my hospitality department.I am in a small church and the hospitality department its only 6 of us.Is it ok to … [Read more...]

We will not forget THAT church greeter


It was our third visit to a local church in the last 102 weeks.We love visiting that church when we are in that city.  In fact, whenever we go, we try to invite a friend to that church.Even through we have not ever experienced followup from filling out their visitor contact card, we haven't let that stop us from visiting.But this visit … [Read more...]

5 Church Hospitality Lessons from the Honda Classic


I've never  attended a major golf championship until last week's Honda ClassicI was a first time guest in an environment I had never visited.We were invited guests of a golf fanatic who secured 2 tickets for our family (plus tickets for the 2 reluctant kids were free).I do play golf (about 1 time a year), so I am familiar with some of … [Read more...]

Friday Finds for Feb 28, 2014

Church Website Hides Information

1. "Is your concept of God affecting your evangelism?"I follow the blog of a cross cultural missionary who works in Mexico.  He writes: It’s taken time for me to shake that image, to understand that the same God who caused Isaiah to cry out, “Woe to me, I am ruined!,” is the same Heavenly Father who loved the world so much that sent His one … [Read more...]

Create Spiritual Thirst via Conversation Starters


“You are the salt of the earth.” —JesusSalt creates thirst.Spiritual thirst is the starting point of a person’s quest to seek God.That thirst is the restlessness of the human heart that drives one to Jesus.When you learn to recognize and identify this thirst in the human heart, and how it is expressed, you will find the open door to … [Read more...]