Update: This list is updated as of June 2013.  It is not exhaustive, but a reflection of books I’ve read and allowed to influence my thinking.

All Amazon links are affiliate links, meaning any purchases made through these links will cause Amazon to kick me a few nickels per book.

Church Greeters 101

Church Greeters 101 is now available for the Amazon Kindle and it’s free reading apps, and in paperback as of June 2013.

This book focuses on growing a greeting ministry from scratch:

  • Organizing,
  • Recruiting, and
  • training, and
  • keeping Church Greeters.

A big emphasis here is on ongoing training of greeters and gives specific examples of greeter training meetings.

How to Welcome Church Visitors:

How To Welcome Church Visitors

How to Welcome Church Visitors, is also instantly downloadable.

This is my first ebook on Creating better first impressions.

It looks at the entire visitor experience of the process of a first time Church Visitor.

Evangelism Book Bibliography

This bibliography will keep growing as I review books and read them myself. If they are on this list, then I have read them and can recommend them to you as resources.

Personal Evangelism Skills

Evangelism Theology


Small Group Curriculum

Church Evangelism

Hospitality and Church Growth

Church Greeters and Ushers


Engaging Your Community

Other Books on Evangelism that I’ve Gathered


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