3 Keys to Make an Evangelistic Sunday School Culture


Sunday school has a long history of being an evangelistic tool of the church.  I've visited growing churches that utilize their Sunday School to not only grow their members, but create a space where newcomers can connect and discover faith.Recently, a small church pastor asked me about how to make their Sunday School evangelistic.   They are a … [Read more...]

7 Servant Evangelism Ideas for Black Friday Shopping Crowds

Black Friday Shopping Evangelism

In the United States, the Friday after Thanksgiving is a major shopping day.  The media will show reports of Black Friday shopping crowds outside of major department stores and malls.  People who are waiting to be nearly the first in line to get the savings on Christmas presents for family and friends.  When the doors open, mayhem erupts and people … [Read more...]

Book Review: A Plan to Revitalize a Church’s Passion for Evangelism

Bob Farr books

One frustrating problem for small church pastors is leading a church that has no desire to share their faith.   How does that pastor begin to change that and overcome the natural resistance to personal evangelism?If a pastor had no training in personal evangelism (which is likely if the church is a mainline denomination), then how does a pastor … [Read more...]

What is the Next Step after Your Halloween Outreach


In my first church, we chose October 31 as a safe alternative to Halloween.  We planned all sorts of children's games, candy giveaway, costume contest, and all around fun.   We mobilized lots of volunteers to run the games and our small church had a tremendous party every year.Our Harvest Party (we called it) celebrated some of the fun … [Read more...]

Gospel centered life change is the church’s work


From a pastor friend of mine: "Two Amazing stories from church today...card from one Campus said, "the guy I used to buy drugs from came to church and got saved today."Report from another campus "I was on my way to buy heroin to kill myself tonight b/c I had no hope...saw the church...came in...gave my life to Jesus...found hope."I love … [Read more...]

Are you reaching out to this demographic?


These statistics are a few years old, but nonetheless, what is your church doing to reach this demographic?I admit, I am a little biased.  I do ministry full time among developing leaders in Central America.God has given me a love for this culture that is just as passionate as my own North American Culture.I am bi-lingual, and my … [Read more...]

Should we invite unsaved friends to church?

Invited to Church

I posted this question to the EvangelismCoach.org Facebook page. "Should we invite unsaved friends to church?" Give a Yes or No, and then give a reason. The answers were pretty divided between Yes and No, with some strong opinions:Yes, the church is on an evangelistic mission. No, the church is for believers only to train believers to go … [Read more...]

Get More Church Invitations: A Great Welcome

Church Door Welcome Sign

Recently, I was asked via Ask EvangelismCoach about ways to increase the number of invitations to church that members give to their network of friends.Review these posts to get on board with some of the answersMore church invitations: Friends and Family Get More Church Invitations: Prayer I want you to come to my church Get More … [Read more...]

Video: How Your Church Can Grow in Evangelism


As a church leader, what if you don't excel in personal evangelism?Can your congregation still enjoy conversion growth?Watch these three pastors in this 10-minute video about how churches can grow in evangelism.Darrin Patrick, Mark Dever and Matt Chandler spend some time talking about their different evangelism approaches.You … [Read more...]

Christmas Outreach through Public Schools


I heard about this Christmas 2012 Church outreach from 12 Stone Church.Even small churches can adopt a school and do something similar.I don't go to 12Stone Church, but found myself wanting to volunteer, or even dream about doing something like this with my church next year.It's a great community engagement step that even the small … [Read more...]