Is your church website an open door or barrier to your church?

Church Website Update

Today, Yvon Phren allow me to share her guest post about your church website.Yvon is an excellent writer and shares frequently on church communications - in fact, that is her ministry.I've benefited much from my conversations with her and her regular newsletter provides all sorts of great snippets.  She also runs a membership site that is … [Read more...]

3 Keys to Make an Evangelistic Sunday School Culture


Sunday school has a long history of being an evangelistic tool of the church.  I've visited growing churches that utilize their Sunday School to not only grow their members, but create a space where newcomers can connect and discover faith.Recently, a small church pastor asked me about how to make their Sunday School evangelistic.   They are a … [Read more...]

1 Way To Keep a Person from Visiting Your Church

Church Website Failure

For a holiday break, our church decided to take two weeks off and allow people to travel, visit family, and so on.So with perfect liberty, we got to visit another church for the first time, giving us fresh insights to to help improve your hospitality this year.Out of this weekend, we learned one critical church website mistake that kept us … [Read more...]

5 Possible Desired Outcomes of Door to Door Visitation


Perhaps your church is thinking about a door to door evangelism outreach.Some churches excel at it.  Other churches want to get better, and still others want to avoid any kind of door to door visitation.If you are considering a door to door evangelism campaign, the premier question I would ask you is What is your desired outcome?1.  … [Read more...]

How @BrandonACox is Planting a Church Using Social Media

Using Social Media to Market a Church

What if you are a brand new church with a near zero marketing budget?  That is how Brandon A Cox started planting Grace Hills Church in Bentonville Arkansas.  Read below as he shares some of what he is doing in social media to get visitors to come to his church.This snippet on planting a church using social media comes from Paul … [Read more...]

Do you want to know why your church visitor didn’t return?


Don't you wish that you could sometimes learn why a church visitor would choose not to come back after their first visit?There is one way you might learn:  ask.But don't start thinking you need to make a cold call and talk with a stranger who will likely be polite to your face.Rather, create a feedback loop where a visitor could share … [Read more...]

Personal Invitations to Church are not Enough

Invited to Church

As much as I believe in giving personal invitations to church, I can't say that I personally know that many people who sit at home just hoping someone would invite them to church.Statistics show that some people will respond to an invitation to church,  and that such invitations are often part of the conversion process.But in our busy … [Read more...]

How Can I Persuade My Leaders To Invest in a Church Website? A Discussion Starter

How church visitors use websites

If you are the pastor of a church who needs to persuade your leaders to invest in a good church website, what can you do to make your case? … [Read more...]

Weekend Task: Follow Your Own Sign

Church Sign - Which Way

The purpose of your church facility signage is to inform your members and first time guests as to where things are and how to get there.When was the last time you evaluated your current church signage from the view point of a first time visitor? … [Read more...]

Summary: Should we invite non believers to church?

Excluding Church Visitors

As I finished out my chapter through chapter re-read of the book of Acts, I see believers and non-believers in various settings:hearing the word of God proclaimed, gifts of the Spirit are manifested, elders are chosen, people getting saved, etc.The biblical DESCRIPTION of what happened in the NT church involved these elements.  It … [Read more...]