Book Review: The 7 Principles of an Evangelistic Life


I am a big advocate of evangelism as a lifestyle.When I read the book the Acts, I see how evangelism played out in the life of the apostles and early believers.  They spent time with people. They shared their faith, and the "Lord added daily" to their numbers.How can a believer experience a lifestyle where evangelism occurs in the ordinary … [Read more...]

Guest Article: The Seismic Shift in Evangelism


Do you understand that evangelism has changed? Popular approaches you may have grown up with were great for their time, but new approaches to the unchanging gospel are necessary.  Last week, James White sent out this post, and it's republished here with permission.Vol. 9, No. 10 The Seismic Shift in Outreach There has been a seismic … [Read more...]

Appropriate Silence in Personal Witnessing

Torpedo Conversation

I've got a few friends who have always been hostile to talking about faith.Their level of spiritual thirst has been low.  In fact, it's downright hostile.We remain friends, but talking about Jesus provokes emotional hostility or an evasive awkward silence.Other times, they attempt to change the subject.When I try to open up … [Read more...]

Tim Keller’s 10 Personal Evangelism Tips


Let people around you know you are a Christian (in a natural, unforced way) Ask friends about their faith – and just listen! Listen to your friends problems – maybe offer to pray for them Share your problems with others – testify to how your faith helps you Give them a book to read Share your story Answer objections and … [Read more...]

Tim Keller on How churches reach cities – Lausanne Capetown 2010


Here's a 17+ minute video of Tim Keller talking at Lausanne about how you reach cities byPlanting & renewing churches that are contextual to the city, Establishing citywide gospel movementsBy contextual churches, he speaks of planting a church that fits in your context.   As part of that talk he gave these marks to becoming … [Read more...]

What is Evangelism? A Definition Discussion

Questions to Submit to Evangelismcoach

Year ago, I was standing in the lunch line at the seminary cafeteria.  A classmate and I were discussing themes in our evangelism class when a fellow student from another class interrupted: "Are you talking about the E-word?" In our class, we were talking about evangelism and its connections to American Imperialism." Huh?Another time, in the … [Read more...]

Does an invitation to church equal evangelism?

You are invited to Church

Every weekend, we challenge our church members to invite someone to the next sermon series.Each week, we call our church members to invite someone to small group.You probably do it to.In fact, many people would rather give a church invitation than personally share the gospel.Have you seen that happen?I have. Does an invitation … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Bless Your Missionaries for Christmas

Blessing Your Church Missionaries

Christmas is coming!You've likely seen stores already putting Christmas stuff out, and the shopping season gets longer.  I started seeing Christmas stuff in late September. . .During this time of year, many churches put together various outreaches to care for their community.  We have done various shoebox programs and angel tree programs - … [Read more...]

Sharing Faith With Your Friends


"How do you find forgiveness?"This was a question my neighbor asks while we visit at the poolside on a spring day.While our kids are splashing, shouting, screaming, laughing and diving into the water, my friend talks with me about deep issues of the heart.How did we get to this point? 1.  He is my friend. We laugh and talk about life … [Read more...]

Contact Evangelism as we do it

Street Preaching in Volcan

Following up from the previous postsThe Perceptions of Contact Evangelism Contact Evangelism Gone WildI want to share how I practice contact evangelism. The Phillip Model of Evangelism: Based on the model of Phillip and the Eunuch, we'll look for opportunities that are based onthe Holy Spirit's prompting and visible spiritual … [Read more...]