Church Hospitality Ministry Archive

Next to personal evangelism, Church Hospitality is arguably one of the most important ministries of the local church. So many churches fail in this ministry of kindness. I've collected nearly 100 of these articles in a download resource for sale. Visit How To Welcome Church Visitors for information about this ebook

Coffee as a means of grace


A little humor today from Coffee as a Means of Grace - A sip of theological humor.If you have ever endured an sermon loaded with sloppy exegesis, you'll find the rest of the article a good laugh.  I've heard nearly every exegetical mistake picked on in the article and couldn't help but laugh at the accuracy of the twists and turns.This was … [Read more...]

How often should we serve coffee? – Reader Question


I love answering reader questions.I usually get to answer right away, and sometimes they are such great questions that I want to share them with you all, with permission I thank you so much for giving me ideas on how to improve my hospitality department.I am in a small church and the hospitality department its only 6 of us.Is it ok to … [Read more...]

5 Church Hospitality Lessons from the Honda Classic


I've never  attended a major golf championship until last week's Honda ClassicI was a first time guest in an environment I had never visited.We were invited guests of a golf fanatic who secured 2 tickets for our family (plus tickets for the 2 reluctant kids were free).I do play golf (about 1 time a year), so I am familiar with some of … [Read more...]

These Hospitality Stories Should Not Exist!


The Connections Pastor could see that they were stuck.  Hospitality ministry workers were apathetic.The leader who oversaw the church greeters saw no point in any more training.Even through the church had a visitor connection card, church greeters, Church Visitor Welcome Packets, ushers and a welcome center,  the Connections Pastor knew it … [Read more...]

Why your small church should have a reception after your service

Church Visitor Reception

I was an associate pastor in a small church.  We had to carefully manage every dime received through the offering plate.During lean seasons, we had to question every expense in the budget.Sometimes we'd question the value of spending money on coffee and snacks after the morning service.  Our pastor prided himself on his thrifty Scottish … [Read more...]

Church Hospitality Audit 3.0 for 2014 is Released

Analyze your Church Hospitality

The gospel should be offensive, not your church members or your lackadaisical hospitality ministry.  Your hospitality ministry in the church is one of the most important factors in the experience of first time visitors that will influence their personal decision to come back to your church.After all, your church won't grow if your visitors … [Read more...]

Hospitality Ministry Book Review: See You Next Week

See you Next Week

During a recent church visitor assimilation webinar (available now for purchase), we discussed some excellent resources on the assimilation process.  One participant recommended a short book on hospitality ministry that was helpful to them.See You Next Week is a short text crammed full of ideas that could help your church get started in … [Read more...]

My Favorite Books on Church Visitor Assimilation

Church Visitor Assimilation Book

Helping your church visitor become a regular attender is not rocket science.  It is ultimately a matter of personal relationships and connections.But there are plenty of good strategies that churches have tried to help those connecting relationships form naturally.If you want to do some good reading on the subject, here are my 3 favorite … [Read more...]

The Best Church Visitor Assimilation Tool


It's not a visitor contact card.  Nor is it a complicated data system, direct mail, automated emails, or even a free gift for your church visitors from the beautiful welcome center.Those things help, but they are not the most powerful assimilation tools.  The best tool is . . . . … [Read more...]

Video:Your Sermon Starts in the Parking Lot


Danny Franks, Connections Pastor at The Summit Church in North Carolina, considers the importance of preparing for guests who are visiting your church.  Your sermon starts in the parking lot and he offers 5 principles to effective church hospitality and first impressions.Pastor Danny makes five fantastic points about church hospitality that … [Read more...]