Your Turn: How to Identify Church Visitors in a Large Church

How To Spot a Church visitor

Recently, a reader submitted a question via Ask Evangelismcoach. What are some ideas for identifying visitors?We are a 2500 member church and many of us don't know the difference between a visitor and someone who is a member who we just have never met?I have heard of using name tags, colored coffee cups(ugh!), asking visitors to stand … [Read more...]

What is the next step?


Our family has experienced a temporary life transition that had us move to another state in the US for a period of four months, away from our church, away from our social networks, and away from our friends.Four months not enough timeto visit many churches to look for a church home. to build long lasting relationships. to really even … [Read more...]

Your Turn: What to say to latecomers to church

How to Greet Latecomers to Church

Recently, I was asked the following question via Ask The EvangelismCoach.I've posted this to the community Facebook Page, but wanted to give you all a chance to help pitch in.  I hope to do this on a more regular basis. Ask EvangelismCoach Question from Ed: "How do we greet late comers?Do we need to mention that worship service has … [Read more...]

I Can’t Get In

Churches don't let people in

Over at, I've released video Number 3.In today's video, I address one of the biggest barriers that churches put up to visitors who do come back for several weeks in a row.I once  attended a local fellowship for nearly 6 months and still had no friends.   It was a fellowship with about 100 people at … [Read more...]

Free Church Hospitality Videos

Church Hospitality DVD Training

Earlier this year, a church hospitality committee leader called me up to have chat about how to restart their hospitality ministries.Perhaps you have the same challenge they had: People come for the first time, but they don't come back. What can we do to fix that? This church began looking for solutionsby evaluating their hospitality … [Read more...]

What was responsible for your coming to Christ and this church

Greeting Church Visitors

The Institute For American Church Growth asked over 10,000 people this question: “What was responsible for your coming to Christ and this church?”Their replies were:I had a special need - 3% I just walked in - 3% I liked the minister - 6% I visited there - 1% I liked the Bible classes - 5% I attended a gospel meeting - 0.5% I … [Read more...]

Expecting Church Visitors at Christmas? 5 areas to spruce up

Church Visitor Welcome Packet

Are you prepared for to receive new church visitors at Christmas time?I want to give you 5 areas to consider improving your church welcome for your first time visitors when the come this Christmas Season. 1.  Train Greeters Greeters can provide a warm handshake, helpful information and walk a guest to classes or the sanctuary if … [Read more...]

How to keep church visitors coming back after Christmas


Most churches experience an influx of church visitors at Christmas time.Some are out of town guests. Other church visitors seek out the Christmas traditions of their youth. Others are awakening to their spiritual thirst.Churches have special activities that are geared at increasing the number of personal invitations that members … [Read more...]

How one buyer used How to Welcome Church Visitors Ebook

How to Welcome Church Visitors Ebok

I am a church strengthening consultant for the Montana Baptist Convention.Our analysis of several churches showed that the “friendship” factor was low and was costing them the retention and assimilation of first time guests who were passing through their churches without a second visit.I used your book to teach these churches how to … [Read more...]

How to think like a first time church visitor


I recently spoke with a pastor of a medium size church of 300.He has often heard from people after 6-10 weeks this statement that broke his heart: "I have been here x number of weeks and no one has said hello."(After a recent workshop on hospitality, one couple said "We've been in this church for 6 months and no one has noticed … [Read more...]