Book Review: Untamed Alan Hirsch


"There are two kinds of people in the world: those who live the adventure, and those who only read about others living the adventure."Alan Hirsch lives the adventure of being a follower of Jesus.  His experiences and learnings show clearly in his writings, and even more so in this book written with his wife, Untamed: Reactivating a Missional … [Read more...]

Guest Article Getting beyond the walls


Today's Guest Article is from my friend who has served as our translator during our Nicaragua mission trips.Earl and his family have been serving as church planters in Nicaragua for years, and he shares with us some reflections on getting out of the church walls.Here you go. . . . . . . . Source: Ramblings on "taking God's love out of the … [Read more...]

The Prayer Station at Faith in Action Sunday

Prayer Booth Prayer Station

Pastors Allenn and Debbie Kemp recently led their church into a Faith in Action Sunday, following a program that has been developed by World Vision.They chose to take their regular Sunday service and move it to the front lawn of the their church -- going to the streets, so to speak.Their church has done several short term mission trips, … [Read more...]

How to Setup a Prayer Station

Prayer Station Outreach

One way that you can discover your community need is through setting up prayer stations at your outreach events.For example, we did one at a dental fair where we partnered with the local dental school to give free cleanings to kids (Photos below).Making this prayer station service available allows people who want prayer to sit and visit … [Read more...]

The Reciprocal Church


Dr. Kevin Yoho,General Presbyter Newark Presbytery has put together a presentation called The Reciprocal Church.I like what he's done in calling "the church" back into the nieghborhood, using the idea of reciprocity.Does the church give benefit to the community in exchange for the investment that the community makes in the church?Or put … [Read more...]

A pastor listens to the community


Pastor Guiermo has listened to the needs of his community.These needs form the social outreach part of his ministry to help their new church plant serve and connect with its neighbors.He's spent time listening to the needs of the new incoming residents in a part of the area undergoing new construction.He's spent time listening to the … [Read more...]

Bridge Building through Caring for your Community


I'm often asked How does a church build a bridge to the local community? Here is a great example of a church serving it's community and using the web 2.0 technology to do so.12 Stone Church Developed a website calledmyCorkBoard.orgI heard about it in a podcast this past fall where the preacher highlighted it as a place to serve the … [Read more...]

Finding out your community needs

Prayer Booth Prayer Station

I spent time giving some evangelism coaching a church yesterday.The questions of the day revolved around finding and meeting community needs.A majority of church members are no longer within 5 miles of the neighborhood that has transitioned from blue collar to immigrant.  As such, there is not a lot of connection to the local … [Read more...]

The Church has left the Building


One of the blogs I read (Fierce Grace) decided to do something entirely different on a Sunday morning. Cancel the service. Serve the neighborhood. Read about it at The Church Has Left the Building. I have often mentioned that some churches can do this.  I can't imagine Mars Hill or Seacoast doing something like this.  However smaller … [Read more...]

Pilgrimage on the Edges


Today, I bring you another guest article, by Christian Dominic Boyd of this time, Christian is also pastor of New Creation, a Presbyterian new church development in O’Fallon, Illinois, which is part of the St Louis metro area.He and I were co-presenters at the Presbyterian Transformational Conference in Tampa last … [Read more...]