39 Days of Personal Evangelism–Tweetable List

Evangelism Tips

Try this schedule of daily steps to increase your personal evangelism in your life.Ways to use this list:Share it to your networks via Google, Twitter, Facebook, everywhere. Print it out and use it in your small group for accountability. Save it and post each one as a Twitter tip (they all fit) Incorporate these into your in a church … [Read more...]

The tourists were afraid for their lives

Subway Platform

The tourists were enjoying their visit to New York city until they got scared witless.They are friends of mine and told me this story.They've seen way too many New York movies, watched too many New York cop shows and crime dramas.  Coming to the big city from small town America, they had some preconceptions of being vigilant against petty … [Read more...]

Conference: Personal Evangelism for Ordinary People March 22, 2014


Imagine:You confidently answer a question about why you follow Jesus. Your friend asks you how you became a Christian and you give a clear story. You share the gospel story without being tongue-tied.Just this week, I met a church member who felt that evangelism was not doable because he felt he hadno talent, no skill, nor … [Read more...]

The Cause Circle: A useful Evangelism Training Concept

Source: Dare2Share

THE Cause Circle from Dare2Share is a simple tool that will help you be purposeful about sharing Jesus’ message with your friends.It will help you identify your friends,remind you to pray, to pursue spiritual conversations and to persuade them to consider Jesus’ message.A Good Visual for Evangelism TrainingI like the visual … [Read more...]

The Sinners Prayer for the Person with a Christian Background

Evangelistic Prayer

Fourteen months ago, my friend and I first got acquainted.  We have spent much time together during those 14 months getting to know one another.When I first mentioned that I was a follower of Christ, the defensive wall went up.   He didn't want to talk about spiritual things.But as I continue to mention Christ my ordinary conversations, he … [Read more...]

Are you prepared to tell me the story?


I love it when I get asked a question about my journey to faith.It is an interest to hear my story.It is a desire to understand who I am.It is a desire to understand what make me so committed to following Jesus.A few days ago, it was a cool evening to enjoy the outdoors.  I took my son to a meeting and to pass the time, I stood … [Read more...]

Is Relational Evangelism in the Old Testament?

God's been good to me

A reader submitted a question about evangelism in the Old Testament. I'd love to be steered toward some Old Testament passages that relate to "Relational Evangelism" any passages come to mind? Part of how I answer the question is rooted in how I define evangelism and relational evangelism.  So let's start with these My definition of … [Read more...]

Book Review: The 7 Principles of an Evangelistic Life


I am a big advocate of evangelism as a lifestyle.When I read the book the Acts, I see how evangelism played out in the life of the apostles and early believers.  They spent time with people. They shared their faith, and the "Lord added daily" to their numbers.How can a believer experience a lifestyle where evangelism occurs in the ordinary … [Read more...]

5 Possible Desired Outcomes of Door to Door Visitation


Perhaps your church is thinking about a door to door evangelism outreach.Some churches excel at it.  Other churches want to get better, and still others want to avoid any kind of door to door visitation.If you are considering a door to door evangelism campaign, the premier question I would ask you is What is your desired outcome?1.  … [Read more...]

How to Live The Lifestyle Evangelism of the Early Disciples

LifeStyle Evangelism of the Disciples

Critics complain that lifestyle evangelism is not biblical.  But I can clearly see evangelism as a lifestyle in the actions of the early disciples in the book of Acts.Acts 5:42 describes a lifestyle of evangelism in the early days of the church: Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and … [Read more...]