Book Review:Eats with Sinners

My review on Aaron Chambers Eats with Sinners

I've been in the Church for so long that deep friendships with people apart from Christ have been neglected.I've filled my day with work, managing the lives of my children, administrative and planning for the local church, and running an international ministry.Recently, I've been having a season of reading and re-reading a bunch of books … [Read more...]

Sharing your faith with no results

Find Your Personal Testimony

Why do some people express great interest in the gospel of Jesus Christ, yet they never cross the line of faith and discipleship?Perhaps you've spent time sharing your faith (maybe a few years) byDeveloping authentic relationships with non-believers Faith sharing conversations over dinner Answering difficult questionsYet, they … [Read more...]

Sharing Faith With Your Friends


"How do you find forgiveness?"This was a question my neighbor asks while we visit at the poolside on a spring day.While our kids are splashing, shouting, screaming, laughing and diving into the water, my friend talks with me about deep issues of the heart.How did we get to this point? 1.  He is my friend. We laugh and talk about life … [Read more...]

Podcast: Developing a Sowing Mentality – Gary Rohrmayer


Has your church plateaued in it’s evangelistic effectiveness?Perhaps, your church has stalled out in its evangelistic passion.  People are not coming to faith and your members are not really engaging people into finding faith in Christ.    The life-saving station has become the club of comfort.Yet, other churches continue to grow year after … [Read more...]

Podcast: Equipping People to Reach their Sphere of Influence


I’ve coached enough pastors and done enough evangelism training seminars to know that one challenge that many of you face is equipping your people for evangelism.How do you lead your congregation in effective evangelism? How do you equip your members to be more confident in sharing their faith? How do you do evangelism training? How can … [Read more...]

Personal Evangelism Mistake #4


This week, I'm on vacation.Today's Guest post is "Top 10 Evangelism Mistakes, Number Five" from Shawn Anderson's Living Dangerously blog.  Shawn has written a book on Personal Evangelism that I recently finished.  We'll be hearing more from him later this month in a webinar.To get that announcement make sure you are on my newsletter list or … [Read more...]

How Paul Planted the Church in Corinth


This weekend in my devotional time, I spent time pondering how Paul planted a church in a foreign city, particularly Corinth, from Acts 18.I found several parallels to my current church planting work. 1. He connected with the local people When he came to the town, “he met a Jew named Aquila, a native of Pontus, who had recently come from … [Read more...]

Beating Dunbars Number


Several years ago, I was challenged as a youth pastor to give my leadership away  -- delegate, delegate, and delegate. The challenger warned me that I could only reach so many people, but if I delegated and empowered, I could lead larger ministries with longer reaches and greater sustainability. The challenger mentioned that my personal limit of … [Read more...]

8 Conversational Bridges to the Gospel


A blog had a great article ( "Gospel Connections in Suburbia") that has evangelistic conversational tips.The problem posed is How can I take a natural conversation about common things and connect it to the gospel without it coming off like an abrupt topic change? The farther the distance between the subject matter at hand and the gospel, the … [Read more...]

Hitchhikers Guide to Evangelism Webinar and Podcast Replay Recording


In this FREE online webinar, author and church growth consultant Bill Tenny-Brittian of 21st Century Strategies Inc will share practical steps toOvercome your fear of messing up. Find confidence to explain the value of your faith. Talk about your faith journey, walk, or conversion experienceBill Tenny-Brittian, the senior editor of Net … [Read more...]