Church Hospitality Audit 3.0 for 2014 is Released

Analyze your Church Hospitality

The gospel should be offensive, not your church members or your lackadaisical hospitality ministry.  Your hospitality ministry in the church is one of the most important factors in the experience of first time visitors that will influence their personal decision to come back to your church.After all, your church won't grow if your visitors … [Read more...]

Evangelism Strategies Podcast and Webinar Replay

Webinar for Churches

In this complimentary Evangelismcoach webinar, I’ll share with you 3 major areas of evangelism training for your congregation to help you develop your evangelism strategy for 2012.Among other things you’ll lean:3 areas of focus for congregational evangelism to start your planning 6 different evangelism styles to match the right program … [Read more...]

Free Download: Personal Testimony Questionnaire

The Spiritual Journey to the Christian Faith

Your story of your journey to faith is one of the most crucial ways that people see how Jesus is relevant to life.But as I've given many evangelism seminars, particularly in more traditional Protestant denominations, I find that many people don't know their own story.If you are wanting to learn about evangelism, I can assume at some point, … [Read more...]

Free Church Hospitality Audit 2.0 Released


Tonight I release another free download resource:Church Hospitality Audit 2.0The original Church Hospitality Assessment was released  February 2007 and has been downloaded over 2100 times. Download your Free Church Hospitality SurveyUse this church hospitality survey form as part of your regular church hospitality review.This … [Read more...]

What is Evangelism? Group Discussion Guide

Evangelism Training Meeting

Last week, I met with a leadership team for the first time to help them brainstorm new ways to grow in evangelism.  I led them in a group discussion on evangelism.Since this was my first discussion with them, I wanted to get a feel for their experiences and their pre-conceptions about What is evangelism? The outgrowth will be future … [Read more...]

Bibliography for PC USA Transformational Pastors


At the Transformational Pastor's Gathering, I have referenced many different books.Here is a downloadable bibliography in a PDF format.If you use the links embedded in the PDF to purchase your copies from Amazon, Evangelismcoach will receive an affiliate fee from anything you order when you click through.  Some churches will order their … [Read more...]

Identifying Barriers to Personal Evangelism


I was cleaning out my file cabinet this week (isn't that fun?) and found some interesting items.Actually, I found a lot of stuff that I had forgotten I had, and of course, lots of useless junk that went straight to the shredder.A clipped article about Microsoft Certification from 1993? How about a marriage inventory? Building permits … [Read more...]

How Presbyterians Do Evangelism


I have turned the How Presbyterians Do Evangelism presentation into a downloadable format for ease of distribution.This presentation was given at Chester Presbyterian Church, Chester Virginia on April 9, 2008Here is the Basic Outline1.  Personal Faith Sharing -- where many feel they are weak.  Some brief information on developing … [Read more...]

20 Evangelism Questions To Start a Conversation

Evangelism Conversation Starters

I found this list of 20 personal evangelism conversation starter questions from Campus Crusade: 1. People invest time and energy into developing their career, their bodies and relationships, but often neglect the spiritual dimension of their lives. How do you actively pursue spiritual growth?2. Do you think much about spiritual things? (This … [Read more...]

Evangelistic Conversation Starter Questions

Divine Appointment Conversations

I found that has a some good evangelistic questions during a reasonable conversation, broken out into groups.  Check these out:Some sample questions.Here are some good questions that will help you move into a conversation about spiritual things. Be sure and listen carefully to their answers. And be prepared to share your own … [Read more...]