Evangelism Strategies Podcast and Webinar Replay

Webinar for Churches

In this complimentary Evangelismcoach webinar, I’ll share with you 3 major areas of evangelism training for your congregation to help you develop your evangelism strategy for 2012.Among other things you’ll lean:3 areas of focus for congregational evangelism to start your planning 6 different evangelism styles to match the right program … [Read more...]

3 Focus Areas to Grow a Small Church

Growing the small church

In a discussion group I am a part of, a small church pastor asked the group for advise on how to grow a small church.Well meaning Christians threw out all sorts of cliches that lack substance, even if they are true:Pray Follow God Get back to the Bible Don't follow man's ways Just glorify Jesus and people will come Let your light … [Read more...]

Developing an Evangelism Strategy


I've been noodling more about "developing an evangelism strategy in the local church."  It seems to me there are three main spokes to this wheel.I'd like to know what you would add.The actual ministry expressions or measurable results of these things will vary, but these three seem to be the core of developing an evangelism strategy.1.  … [Read more...]

Podcast: Developing a Sowing Mentality – Gary Rohrmayer


Has your church plateaued in it’s evangelistic effectiveness?Perhaps, your church has stalled out in its evangelistic passion.  People are not coming to faith and your members are not really engaging people into finding faith in Christ.    The life-saving station has become the club of comfort.Yet, other churches continue to grow year after … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Encourage Congregational Evangelism

Seven ways of congregational evangelism.

I was searching through my files the other day and found this handout.  I quote it as is with attribution.1. Pray Launching evangelism in your congregation is not about techniques or right practices.Evangelism is about God working through you and your congregation to become vibrant witnesses to the Good News of Jesus Christ.Ask for … [Read more...]

The Year of Evangelism – An Evangelism Strategy

What is your evangelism strategy

In prior years, I've suggested a few personal strategies for evangelismDo you have an Evangelism Strategy for 2009? Do you have an Evangelism Strategy for 2008? Define your Evangelism Strategy for 2008This year, I want to map out something different and suggest some planning ideas for church level evangelism.Some of my readers have … [Read more...]

Operation Andrew / Bring a Friend Sunday

Evangelism Coaching Group

I had a follower on twitter who ordered a "Bring a Friend campaign in a box."It was a laughable experience.It ultimately failed.He felt like he wasted his money.Originally designed in the 1980s, it has never updated (except moving the recordings to CD from the cassettes).The campaign failed to rally the church. The materials … [Read more...]

God’s Plan for Sharing — A Church Vision for Outreach


The North American Mission Board is developing a new evangelism initiative to fulfill their 2020 vision of "Every Believer Sharing, Every Person Hearing.""God's Plan for Sharing" is meant to encourage Christians to prayerfully and thoughtfully engage in the most effective approach for making Christ known.GPS lays out four biblical mileposts … [Read more...]

Small Church Transformation


The first edition of Turnaround and Beyond: A Hopeful Future for the Small Membership Church was released in 1995 and was re-released and updated in December 2008.In the study Ron sought to explore strategies that enabled struggling and often run down small churches to experience lasting turnaround."Turnaround" has gone by various terms in … [Read more...]

Live the calling of Evangelist


During January, I received a series of questions via Ask Evangelism Coach. Because of travel engagements in 3 different countries during January, I'm just now responding (though I've been thinking about these for a while)A series of posts this week will focus on sharing these.  It's my hope that our readers will join in the … [Read more...]