Evangelism Strategies Podcast and Webinar Replay

In this complimentary Evangelismcoach webinar, I’ll share with you 3 major areas of evangelism training for your congregation to help you develop your evangelism strategy for 2012.

Among other things you’ll lean:

  • 3 areas of focus for congregational evangelism to start your planning
  • 6 different evangelism styles to match the right program for your congregation for personal evangelism
  • how one church implemented a personal evangelism strategy and baptized 3 new believers in 6 months.
  • Possible action steps in each of 3 areas to get started right away.
  • Find dedicated champions of evangelism to develop your team
  • how hospitality ministry can lead to new baptisms.



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3 Focus Areas to Grow a Small Church

Growing the small churchIn a discussion group I am a part of, a small church pastor asked the group for advise on how to grow a small church.

Well meaning Christians threw out all sorts of cliches that lack substance, even if they are true:

  • Pray
  • Follow God
  • Get back to the Bible
  • Don’t follow man’s ways
  • Just glorify Jesus and people will come
  • Let your light shine so the whole world will want what you have.

Most of the answers centered on prayer for guidance and then obeying that guidance to grow the small church.

While these sayings are true, these answers to this small church pastor lack direction and clarity to help focus this pastor in the areas of evangelism to grow the small church.

Growing a church is prayer and work

I’m all for prayer. I teach how prayer

  • gets us connected to the heart of God for the lost,
  • helps us learn God’s voice, and
  • sensitizes us to prompting of the Holy Spirit.
  • positions us to listen to the direction of God into His plan.

I give space in my workshops for prayer.  We pray for God to give us

  • a heart of the those who don’t know him.
  • a passion to reach the community around the church
  • a willingness to serve in the kingdom
  • a confidence to share our faith while serving the community.

But growing the small church to make a difference is also work.

As Moses stood up on the mountain praying for the people of God, Joshua was on the ground doing the work.

We get to actively work in cooperation with God’s work of bringing people to faith.

3 areas of focus to grow the small church

Without denying or minimizing the value of prayer, let me share three directions for your small church to consider as you pray and plan.

1.  Equip your members in personal evangelism.

Evangelism training is more than just reading a book and doing nothing about it.  Start with a group of people in your small church and lead them into growth in their personal evangelism efforts.  This includes helping your members

  • grow comfortable inviting friends to your small church,
  • sharing their own testimony of coming to faith in Christ,
  • sharing the gospel of Christ in clear and simple terms, and
  • inviting people to surrender to the Lord.

2.  Improve your hospitality.

Since the small church is a partner in the work of evangelism, improve your hospitality system.  Help your members be proud to invite people to your small church and into your network of relationships and service, knowing that their guests will receive a good welcome and find a healthy place to grow spiritually.

3.  Engage your community.

Find out where your community hurts and lead your small church to something about it.  Get on a mission to be an agent of transformation in the community.  While serving, help your small church members to have those life changing conversations as the Lord opens those doors. Listen to this podcast episode here on how one small country church engages its community.

With God’s guidance in your focused prayer for these three areas, you can grow your small church by taking actions.  Use these areas to focus your prayers and your work.

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Developing an Evangelism Strategy

I’ve been noodling more about “developing an evangelism strategy in the local church.”  It seems to me there are three main spokes to this wheel.

I’d like to know what you would add.

The actual ministry expressions or measurable results of these things will vary, but these three seem to be the core of developing an evangelism strategy.

1.  Equipping people to share their faith 1-1 in the course of their life.

  • Intentional training and follow up practical experience.
  • Pastor growing in personal evangelism skills
  • Pastor leading staff and other leaders in their growth in personal evangelism.
  • Prayer for the community and the lost
  • Building authentic relationships with non-Christians.

2. The worship experience to support the work of evangelism

  • Hospitality ministries towards visitors
  • Assimilation to help people connect , convert, and deploy in community service
  • Preaching themes connected to life and community needs
  • Regular gospel sharing during sermons.
  • Comeback events.
  • Church website to support personal invitations

3. People engaging/serving the community

  • Finding the heart for the community
  • Launching ministries to engage the community.
  • Helping people see the faith sharing opportunities during their service.

Actual measurable outcomes will be different.

Ministry expressions will be different.

But these seem to be the general areas of focus.

What would you add?

Podcast: Developing a Sowing Mentality – Gary Rohrmayer

Has your church plateaued in it’s evangelistic effectiveness?

Perhaps, your church has stalled out in its evangelistic passion.  People are not coming to faith and your members are not really engaging people into finding faith in Christ.    The life-saving station has become the club of comfort.

Yet, other churches continue to grow year after year.

How do they maintain their evangelistic passion and zeal to reach their community and be a transformative agent for the kingdom of God?

Their leaders have developed a sowing mentality.

They have learned to apply the law of sowing and reaping in their evangelistic efforts.

How do you develop a sowing mentality?

Webinar Video



7 Ways to Encourage Congregational Evangelism

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Year of Evangelism

Seven ways of congregational evangelism.I was searching through my files the other day and found this handout.  I quote it as is with attribution.

1. Pray

Launching evangelism in your congregation is not about techniques or right practices.

Evangelism is about God working through you and your congregation to become vibrant witnesses to the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Ask for guidance and courage to go where God is leading you.

2.  Study God’s Word

Gather together for Bible study.

Observe in the Scriptures how the Holy Spirit fills people with courage to bear witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ.

What story about Jesus brings you joy? Who might you tell about Jesus?

3. Preach and Teach the Good News of Jesus

The promises of the Good News of Jesus are meant to be shared with others.

We are not to be complacent, apathetic or bored. The Good News of Jesus changes lives – yours and mine.

How have you experienced the Good News of Jesus in your life?

4. Create an Evangelism Team

Celebrate with those who might be interested in evangelism.

Seek ways to extend your evangelism team to embrace your whole congregation. Don’t let a committee be the only one to experience the joy of sharing the good news of Jesus. Live the joy found in Christ Jesus.

5.  Provide Training

Equip people to become more comfortable about sharing their faith in Christ Jesus.

Provide training and opportunities to practice faith-sharing.

Take time to identify witnessing opportunities. What training might be helpful?

6.  Plan an Event

Don’t make it too easy. Go out on a limb.

Plan an event no one will want to miss.

Have a Fall Fiesta for the neighbors. Offer a jazz worship on Saturday night.

If nothing else, add something extra to your Christmas Eve or Easter worship.

Hire musicians – lots of them. Join the angels to sing “Glory to God in the highest!”

Invite people to come! Spend some money on publicity.

What event(s) might you host for the neighbors or community?

7.  Welcome People

Remember your mission: Bear witness to the love of God in Christ Jesus.

Writer: Robin McCullough-Bade
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Next Steps

If this is your year of evangelism, what might you plan on doing this year to grow your congregation’s evangelism?

Are there some outreaches to plan?

Seminars to attend or organize?