Conference: Personal Evangelism for Ordinary People March 22, 2014


Imagine:You confidently answer a question about why you follow Jesus. Your friend asks you how you became a Christian and you give a clear story. You share the gospel story without being tongue-tied.Just this week, I met a church member who felt that evangelism was not doable because he felt he hadno talent, no skill, nor … [Read more...]

Church Visitor Assimilation Training Class


"I wish more church visitors would come back and get involved." This is common lament I hear from church leaders.  They might be leading small churches.  They might be managing large churches.These leaders have put forth valiant efforts to improve their hospitality, increase their marketing, and even provide some programming that would attract … [Read more...]

Your Live Webinar Inspired New Creativity – Thanks

Evangelism Training

Over the weekend, EvangelismCoach spent time (via online seminar) with a church hospitality team out in El Paso Texas.They gathered on a August Saturday morning, hooked up a display and microphone, and piped me from my current location over the internet to receive this church hospitality training.It was an easy process.The local person … [Read more...]

Conversational Evangelism Training Class: Monday June 10 2013

Speaking at Your Evangelism Event

Note:  This webinar was originally scheduled for June 5.Due to illness, I've postponed this till Monday, June 10, 2013.One question that comes up in my evangelism coaching practice and conferences isHow do I get better at personal evangelism?This is usually fueled by"I don't want to be the weirdo on the street corner" "I … [Read more...]

Host a live Evangelismcoach Workshop (MD, DC, DE, PA, Northern VA)

Host an Evangelism Workshop

This is the time to start planning  your fall outreaches for the Back to School Season.You might want to focus on ramping up your hospitality for the fall.You might want to focus on conversational evangelism training for your fall outreaches.EvangelismCoach would like to come to your church this July 2013 (if your church is around 90 … [Read more...]

Conference: Grow Your Evangelism Skills, April 26-27

Evangelism Fears

Many people find personal evangelism scary.Some would rather clean a pig sty instead of talking about Jesus to their friends.You know that Jesus commands us to go and share.You know that your faith is meaningful.But fear stands in the way.This seminar will help you overcome those natural fears and find fresh freedom in … [Read more...]

Webinar: Church Greeter Training February 21, 2013

Greeter Training Handshake

What does it take to be a great church greeter?No church wants to give a bad experience to their first time visitor or returning guest.When visitors have a bad experience with your church, often your error is something unintentional.Church Greeters play an important role in your hospitality ministry, but some need some training. Don't … [Read more...]

Conference: Beyond Church Invitations 2 February, Pittsburgh PA

Church Greeters

One question that comes up in my evangelism coaching practice and conferences isHow do I get better at personal evangelism?This is usually fueled by"I don't want to be the weirdo on the street corner" "I don't want to ruin my friendship with people" "I don't know where to start."In this 90 minute teleseminar hosted at Mt. … [Read more...]

Conference: Turn Visitors to Members – Charlotte NC 26 January

Hospitality Seminar

Do your church visitors come back a second time?It's that time of year where new church welcoming committee members are coming on board.  It's also that time of year where people are living out their New Year commitments to start attending church and seeking a relationships with God.Your Church hospitality teams are busy preparing for the … [Read more...]

Conference: Grace Filled Conversations February 16 2013 Utah

Person to Person

Do you like people?Would you like to learn ways to share your faith in relaxed conversations?Would you like to volunteer in organizations that serve your community?Do you want to learn skills that will strengthen your ability to engage people in conversation and deepen every relationship?Are you involved in a welcome ministry at … [Read more...]