Church Visitor Assimilation Training Class


"I wish more church visitors would come back and get involved." This is common lament I hear from church leaders.  They might be leading small churches.  They might be managing large churches.These leaders have put forth valiant efforts to improve their hospitality, increase their marketing, and even provide some programming that would attract … [Read more...]

Your Live Webinar Inspired New Creativity – Thanks

Evangelism Training

Over the weekend, EvangelismCoach spent time (via online seminar) with a church hospitality team out in El Paso Texas.They gathered on a August Saturday morning, hooked up a display and microphone, and piped me from my current location over the internet to receive this church hospitality training.It was an easy process.The local person … [Read more...]

Conversational Evangelism Training Class: Monday June 10 2013

Speaking at Your Evangelism Event

Note:  This webinar was originally scheduled for June 5.Due to illness, I've postponed this till Monday, June 10, 2013.One question that comes up in my evangelism coaching practice and conferences isHow do I get better at personal evangelism?This is usually fueled by"I don't want to be the weirdo on the street corner" "I … [Read more...]

Webinar: Church Greeter Training February 21, 2013

Greeter Training Handshake

What does it take to be a great church greeter?No church wants to give a bad experience to their first time visitor or returning guest.When visitors have a bad experience with your church, often your error is something unintentional.Church Greeters play an important role in your hospitality ministry, but some need some training. Don't … [Read more...]

Online Teleclass-Upgrade Your Hospitality July 31 2012


Do your church visitors come back a second time?Here in July, it is the summer slump in programming for churches.Most US and Canada churches slow down their programming during these months and prepare themselves for a fall launch of a new sermon series and launch of many new programs.Now is the time toReview your church hospitality … [Read more...]

Webinar: What is your Evangelism Strategy for 2012?


I talked with a small church pastor who was telling me that their church will be focused on Evangelism as one of their top priorities this year. Another church did my 4 month personal evangelism coaching process for their team and within a few months had baptized some new believers as a result of that intentional focus. What is your church's … [Read more...]

Greeter Training DVD #1


In the USA, back to school season is in full swing.Churches are putting the finishing touches on all the new programs that’ll launch this fall:New Sermon Series New Small Groups New Sunday School Classes New Outreach EventsMany are planning for new visitors, and putting the final fresh touches on their hospitality … [Read more...]

Webinar: Social Media for Church Planters and Pastors

Webinar for Churches

Paul Steinbreuck of and I are offering a free webinar on social media for Church Planters and Pastors.I’m often asked how can a church use social networkingto increase our reach in our community to raise awareness of our church to communicate with membersSo I’ve recruited Paul Steinbreuck, co-founder and CEO of … [Read more...]

Online Course: Red Carpet Hospitality Opens in January

Webinar for Churches

Many of my readers serve in or lead the various Hospitality ministries in their church.This time of year,new volunteers come on board, new leaders are asked by their pastors to take charge new people are asked to "fix and improve" the hospitality ministry of their church.As churches plan their ministry goals for 2011, hospitality … [Read more...]

Podcast: Developing a Sowing Mentality – Gary Rohrmayer


Has your church plateaued in it’s evangelistic effectiveness?Perhaps, your church has stalled out in its evangelistic passion.  People are not coming to faith and your members are not really engaging people into finding faith in Christ.    The life-saving station has become the club of comfort.Yet, other churches continue to grow year after … [Read more...]